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WE successfully connects via short bumper ads

Telecom Egypt’s WE continues its Agda3 card campaign with new ad and fun short bursts through its fun bumper ads.

As we discussed during our last article on WE, localization is becoming an extremely relevant theme this year for advertisers.

Content is just a way to connect with your audience, not to teach them that you are the best brand. Just like when trying to make a new friend, you search until you find some common ground. This is what WE is doing, finding common ground that only other Egyptians will get.

They are making sure to create relatable, localized, and fun content for their viewers to enjoy, and relatable content always gets better shares. Continuing with their aim to brand themselves as the relatable telecom brand, they’ve posted their newest TV spot.

ًُWE أجدع كارت – كريم عبدالعزيز – رحلة البحث عن الجدعنة 2

كارت #WE 👍 #أجدع_كارت لأجدع شعب. #وحدات_وانترنت_اكتر_من_أي_حددلوقتي مع كل كارت هتشحنه هتضمن أعلى قيمة للكروت عن طريق الشحن بأكواد أجدع كارتكمل معانا رحلة #كريم_عبدالعزيز في البحث عن الجدعنة 😉اعرف اكتر:

Posted by Telecom Egypt on Friday, February 23, 2018


As Egyptians, we have many things that just don’t translate well with other countries and cultures, and that is what makes us unique. These are the things that marketers should be focusing on when creating ads.

Continuing with its agad3a theme, the ad continues to talk about the things that make Egypt special, such as our penchant to always jump up when a fight starts, or when someone needs help.

WE’s new ads remind us that we don’t need to look to global influences for all of our story and ad needs, but sometimes the things we take for granted are the things that improve our work the most.

In less than a week, the ad has already garnered over 7.2 million views and 111k reactions on Facebook, most of which are positive.


Short, to the point, successful and entertaining

Another tactic that the new mobile network service provider is doing is correctly using bumper ads.

Bumper ads have been around for a while, but it continues to be a tough ad-form to master.

The shortness of the ads means you have to have strong storytelling, a strong performance and captivating hook. Without these elements, you’re doomed for the skip button.

Although a difficult form to master, this 6 second ad-form is actually very impressive. According to Google,  90% of bumper ad campaigns boosted global ad recall by an average of 30%, making it something we should keep an eye on when creating future campaigns.


3 tips on improving your bumper ads

a. Focus

For many marketers, we’re taught to put as much info, comedy, drama and etc. into what used to be the standard 30 second ad. Now, we’ve got to do all of that, and make it 6 seconds or less?

It is easy to get lost, which is why it is important to focus on one element. One single, simple message or purpose to focus your ad. This will enable you to really get your message across, rather than a chaotic mix of all the messages you want to share.

WE provides a great example with their current bumper ads, such as this one.

كارت WE 👍 أجدع كارت في مصر😉

صباح الفل .. كارت #WE 👍 #أجدع_كارت في #مصر 😉#كريم_عبدالعزيز#وحدات_وانترنت_اكتر_من_أي_حداعرف اكتر:

Posted by Telecom Egypt on Saturday, February 17, 2018


Here their purpose is simple; to say hello, remind you of their card and that’s it.

Short, simple and with one real targeted focus in mind, these are the elements that make this bumper ad a success.


b. Think about context

Ads aren’t only seen on desktops, viewers are watching on mobile, sometimes with the sound off.

When making your bumper ad, you need to ensure that the ad gets its message across even when on a smaller screen or without sound.

Always build around smart and simple to understand visuals, or add subtitles. So, whether they are in a noisy and crowded room, or in the privacy of their own home, they’ll be able to understand their message no matter the context.


c. Power to the series

Bumper ads aren’t, and shouldn’t, a single piece of content like most TV spots. Bumper ads work best when in a series with multiple short content that can enhance.

They are small touches, appetizers that tempt viewers to come back for more, which means you must give them more!

Making your ads into a series provides more space to explore messages and different ad purposes, allowing you more breathing room. A series also helps in letting you have more space to talk about different topics, jokes or products.

It also gives the viewer something new, as it’s never the same thing but variations that keep things interesting.

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