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Storrytellers And PepsiCo Have Brought Back Our Favorite Childhood Snack “Karate”

Since we’re welcoming a brand new year in a few days, 2021 didn’t want to end without leaving a huge surprise for all of us. 2021 was full of very creative adverts and campaigns that left us very impressed and very excited to see what 2022 will bring.

If you think 2021 has no more adverts, then you’re wrong; a brand new advert was released on the 14th of December and the brand was a huge surprise. If you were born in the 90s or belong to the millennial generation then you will probably remember this brand, Karate. Feeling old yet?

Let’s go through the advert with its creators and give you all the details.


Karate Is Back With Storytellers

On the 14th of December, a new advert was released announcing that Karate, the old brand we all grew up with is back.

The famous brand has returned by releasing a creative and hilarious advert. The advert is written by Hashem Elsokkary and Akram Negm, Account Director Isel Ahmed, produced by Bigfoot films, and directed by Tameem Youness.

The goal of the advert is to promote the snack once more; covering all the product’s attributes, the advert story revolves around seeking for a kid called Pelé who is missing because he is eating Karate while the song script that its words rhyme with the word “Karate”; it’s worth mentioning that millennials and Gen Z are the ones who always joke with each other this way.

So, it is a huge factor in grabbing the attention of the viewers.

The famous company PepsiCo with its team Dalia Galal Allam, Allaa Kamal and Eman El Kattan have decided to bring back karate and make all the 90s kids happy; the company did that through a collaboration with Storytellers agency.


The Story of Storytellers

This is not the first time Storytellers agency creates a killer advert.

Storytellers is founded by Hashem Elsokkary and Akram Negm in 2019 and ever since then, the agency has worked on many creative adverts that you definitely can recognize.

Many advertising agencies have been existing for over 30 years, but the way success is measured today is different. Today everyone is focusing on what the advertising agency does; history is important but what is more important is what it is achieving today. The present is more important than the past.


The Journey of Hashem and Akram

Hashem Elsokkary and Akram Negm have been partners for 15 years and have been bringing to the table a few words and hundreds of impactful ideas and propositions.

In 2007 the two co-founders started their career in the advertising field in Tarek Nour Communication and DDB. Later, both of them worked for several multinational and regional agencies such as JWT, Leo Burnett, and later, they co-founded Good People Content.

Both of them have worked on so many adverts for big brands like Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Mobinil / Orange Egypt, Etisalat Misr, Lybiana Telecom, Peugeot, NBE Bank, Virecta, Vezeeta, and Egypt Foods.

Also worth mentioning that back in 2015, Hashem and Akram wrote the famous Al Farenja episodes staring Hesham Maged, Ahmad Fahmy & Chico produced by Rhyme Productions.

They both have worked on many adverts for these brands that have granted them more than 30 global, regional, and African awards.

The awards the duo is holding are from the one show awards Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, D&AD [Design and Art Direction] to the LIA Awards, ADFEST,  NYF Advertising Awards, and MENA Effie.


The Challenge of Bringing Back Karate

To bring a 90s brand back to life in 2021 is very challenging.

ElSokkary and Negm have proved that not only you can bring back an old brand to the modern world but also a non-celebrity-based advert can be a huge success.

These days many brands depend on featuring celebrities in their adverts and even in jingle-based adverts; we barely see a random jingle sung by an unknown person; most of the jingles are sung by celebrities or rappers, this wasn’t what both of the creatives wanted.

Both wanted to create a jingle-based advert that is sung by kids and teenagers because this is what Karate is all about.


Viewers’ Feedback

Viewers are expressing how much they loved the adverts on Facebook and YouTube.

People are extremely happy to see Karate again, this is one of the factors that made their feedback positive.

Audience feedback on YouTube

On Facebook, the advert has 2.5M views and on YouTube, it has over 3.2 million views so far.


We have to admit that we are so thrilled to have Karate back. Have you seen the advert yet?

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