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Startups That Made Their First Successful Appearance in Ramadan Advertising Race

We’re only a few days away from saying goodbye to Ramadan and to the adverts we have seen this season. We can frankly say that this Ramadan was full of adverts and many brands ran very successful campaigns; some were very creative while others we expected a lot from.

This season didn’t just include adverts from well-known and established brands but also from startups; we have seen a number of new brands participating in this Ramadan race of adverts with impressive campaigns.

For a startup to be able to compete against all these huge brands during Ramadan and gain recognition is definitely a huge success.

So, today we will present to you the Startups that released adverts this Ramadan.



You probably have seen this advert on TV and it belongs to a startup called SOKNA.

SOKNA is Egypt’s first end-to-end funeral service that is dedicated to handling every aspect of the funeral process and providing comprehensive services.

The company released its advert at the beginning of Ramadan promoting its services and how it can facilitate and handle everything from preparations to the end of the funeral so the person can focus on what matters most.

The company has an experienced team that is available 24/7.

2- Breadfast

Breadfast is one of the startups that gained huge popularity.

Ever since the brand was launched, everyone loved it and people even expressed how excellent the service is. Breadfast has been already impressing us with adverts and it created adverts that can reach the target audience.

Since the brand had a very strong launch, it had to be part of Ramadan and we can say that its advert is humorous light, and the idea is creative.

Breadfast didn’t just release a Ramadan advert but also released a very funny one for Eid El Fetr, and it is also very funny and creative.


3- Healthy and Tasty

Healthy and Tasty is a supermarket that has many branches in multiple areas like Nasr City, Maadi, Downtown, Shoubra, and many more.

The brand is one of the startups that participated this Ramadan with a very creative and attention-grabbing advert. The advert is jingle-based and its idea easily reached the target audience as there are many people struggling with diet and following healthy eating habits during Ramadan.

4- Rabbit

Rabbit is a delivery application that delivers groceries, cosmetics, electronics, and more; it was founded in October 2021 and it has been achieving a huge success ever since then.

This is the first Ramadan campaign Rabbit launches and it is under the name of Rabbit In 20 Minutes.  The campaign includes 2 copies and they are very creative and can grab your attention in a few seconds.

As everyone struggles with the delivery service during Ramadan, Rabbit solved this issue through its campaign; the idea of the adverts is to promote how Rabbit can deliver your order in only 20 minutes.


For a brand to participate in this Ramadan race and gain this recognition is definitely a success and we can’t help but wonder what they will present next.  

Which of these adverts did you like the most?

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