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Starcom Wins 2 Cristal awards for Samsung Egypt

“Happy” the music video that took the world by storm was just a bubble in a Jacuzzi her in Egypt. And although so many people tried to make their own “successful” version of “Happy” it just didn’t buzz loud enough to be heard the success barometer.

Why? Because THIS IS EGYPT.

However, a group of young talented people in the video production and idea was by Tayarah production house (former DiSalata) decrypted the code of success in Egypt and stormed the society by a wonderfully assembled video that would actually touch the heart of any Egyptian. The video boomed because it was made right since the very beginning. It was made in light of insight!

Media MENA_680-1 by cristalfestival

Their insight was according to them that “Egyptians naturally unite finding a way to make contribution to the story of the nation’s rebuild”  it is true and  what really made the video a success was happiness and hope and unconditional sharing that was glowing in everyone’s eyes as they shot their part of the video. Yes they are right and they showed that Egyptians found the way to reunite and rebuild which is shedding the negativity and sharing the view… a hopeful and happy view.

Social media, international media, chit chats, TV programs, were all so negative it hurt! But recently hope resurfaced. The video is a piece of art and the little simple creative twist of turning a still selfie into a dynamic 360 degree one was just genius.

Well done Tayarah production house team…well done! You well deserved the Award.

Campaign: Samsung Egypt’s Video Selfie
Advertiser: Samsung Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group Cairo, Egypt

Two Cristal trophies landed in Cairo
Two Cristal trophies landed in Cairo

The MENA Cristal Festival has been created in 2005 with the aim of introducing a new competition for advertising in all the North African and Middle Eastern countries.The ambition of the Festival is to associate creativity and business, and to promote Arabic advertising creativity, it is a real place of exchanges and networking and this year witnessed the first Cristal awards for Samsung Egypt.

Starcom’s digital team led by Wael Eino were behind integrating Samsung as the device of choice for the laffah and therefore Samsung owning the platform of the video selfie #laffah

Once again WELL DONE J

Sherif El Hotabiy

The computer science graduate started his career in a different way than his colleagues. Starting as a news editor in Nile TV International, Sherif made his way up to news anchoring in less than 4 years. His multitasking and bilingual skills made him the only person in the company who worked in PR, Advertising and Creative thinking at the same time.