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Sprite Egypt campaign challenges famous Egyptian proverbs

Few weeks before Ramadan comes “Howa da el Geded,” another fun set of ads by Sprite Egypt targeting mainly millennials and aiming at changing cultural perceptions and stereotypes by twisting the famous Egyptian proverbs and make it more fun, optimistic and challenging.

Following Sprite’s “Ana Keda” previous campaign, “Howa da el Geded” focuses on targeting youth and encouraging them to act like themselves through humorous video advertising. The new campaign aims to help Sprite drinkers break through traditional roles and stereotypes by re-imagining classic traditional proverbs and transforming it to represent more positive and modern meanings.

If we can summarize Sprite Egypt campaign objective, its all about doing what you want and act how you feel and be yourself even when its least expected!

Sprite Egypt Campaign Concept & Approach

Each and every culture got its own proverbs and wisdom words that shapes people’s minds. Everyone has met one person who gave them directions inform of advise using one of those lines when they didn’t have enough experience in life.

The campaign aims to show the young generation simple tricks to boost self-confidence and convince them that being different is a good thing to live their own lives, while breaking the limits society has put on them and be open to new challenges.

The beverage manufacturer has rolled out more than 20 new can designs for the campaign, each sporting different proverbs. Produced by over 10 different graphic designers, each proverb has a distinct design to keep the cans looking fresh and exclusive.

Sprite Egypt new can designs
Sprite Egypt new can designs

The campaign has three videos so far, each focusing on different traditional Egyptian proverbs.

In recent years, Sprite has taken marketing approach that challenges societal norms in Egypt with an emphasis on reaching out to the millennial generation to act more like themselves.

With Egyptians being known for taking in considerations traditional values and society standards, Sprite has a long road ahead but it seems like it plans to move forward with the challenge while keeping ethical and moral directions un-touched.

The question is whether the new generation will hear the calling and answer it?

Campaign Credits

Agency: FP7/CAI
Client: Sprite Egypt
ECD: Ahmed Hafez Youness
Creative Director: Rami El Kerdani
Designers: Mo’men El Siwi – Mostafa Abdelmawla – Ayman Salah Anwar – Shady Allam – Hicham Rahma – Mohamed Salah – Ahmed Samir Bedoo – Ramy Kamel Omar – Gihad Mansour – Ahmed Youssef Khawaga – Mohamed Elmahdy
CGI: Gemini Studio
Sr.Copywriter: Rana Khairy
Copywriter: Sabrina El Ghoneimy

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