Spotify Wrapped: All of Your Most Played Artists And Songs In 2021

Music is an essential part of our life; no matter what we go through, we find peace and joy in music as it helps us get through any type of situation and even helps us release our deep emotions. Each year we discover new artists and get addicted to new songs that we keep on repeat most of the time until we find another.

As we might lose track of the songs we loved and played many times over the entire year, the platform you’re using is keeping all of this data.

Spotify is one of the streaming platforms that keeps track of your most played songs, artists, and genre, and this year, it created a campaign dedicated to each and every user to let them know what 2021 was like when it comes to songs.

Here’s what you need to know about Spotify’s recent campaign.


Spotify: ‘Totally Normal’

For the third time in the MENA region, Spotify launched its wrapped campaign.

The streaming platform is celebrating what Egypt has been listening to in 2021 by creating a campaign under the name of ‘Totally Normal’ while highlighting the unique aspects that define ‘Totally Normal’ across the country.

You can check your ‘Wrapped’ when you go to Spotify and click on ‘Your 2021 in review’. The platform will preview your artists and songs in a story format.


What To Find In Wrapped: Totally Normal

Spotify provides an entertaining experience to the users to enjoy their Wrapped.

The platform created many features, including

2021: The Movie: This feature pairs your top songs with classic scenes from a movie to create a movie soundtrack to your life.

Your Audio Aura: This feature mixed all elements of your mood, liveliness, artists, and albums to visualize your “aura”.

Playing Cards: This is an interactive data-based game that you play then share with your friends. The streaming platform is displaying two true data points and one fake one. You have to guess which is the lie.

Wrapped 2021: Blend: Blend is a new feature launched this year; it allows the user to see how their music taste in 2021 matches with their friends. They can stream their blended playlist and share it on social media.

Even More Shareability: Spotify knows that people love sharing everything on social media especially their music taste, this is why it allowed them to directly share their wrapped cards on TikTok for a limited time and share them on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook.


The Campaign’s Featured Artists

Spotify’s wrapped campaign featured some artists who were part of Egypt’s audio Journey in 2021.

The rap scene has been rising and rappers have been gaining wide recognition, therefore, Spotify included Wegz, Marwan Pablo, Abyusif, and Marwan Moussa in the campaign along with Nancy Ajram and Ruby.

The campaign can be seen through a variety of channels as it also created an OOH campaign, which is the heart of it. ‘Wrapped’ campaign can be spotted through channels like traditional outdoor, online video, ambient outdoor activation, digital banners, and Spotify itself.


More Collaborations

The streaming platform didn’t just feature artists, it collaborated with creatives.

The brand presented what a ‘totally normal’ playlist would look like in 2021 through a collaboration with one of the top content creators in Egypt, Khaled Mokhtar, and curated his own playlist under the name of ‘مش جايلي نوم’ or ‘I Can’t Sleep’.

Spotify also created its own playlist to praise the rap scene and called it ‘ملوك السين’ or ‘The Kings of The Scene’.


Ground Activation

Since people in 2021 liked talking to dancing and talking cactus, Spotify decided to create its very own.

With 4 x 4 measurements, Spotify created a cactus to celebrate the viral game everyone loved. The dancing cactus is set up at City Center Almaza dancing to ‘Keify Kda’ by Wegz during the weekends of 23rd of December and New Year’s eve.

To create happy moments to start 2022, the dancing cactus will be relocated to the Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt (57357).


What is your Spotify 2021 Wrapped looks like? Share with us your result.

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