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SoTech Aims To Transform Out Of Home Advertising Through The Medical Field

Any brand or a seller has 3 ways to reach its target audience, which are social media, TV advertisement, and Out-of-Home advertising. Over the years, we have seen a huge improvement in how brands use their social media and we have seen how creative the adverts are becoming; but Out Of Home advertising has been the same for years!

Out-Of-Home advertising could have a bright future if only creative minds knew how to improve it, and we can frankly say that we’re about to witness a whole different transformation in OOH advertising.

One company has been making a transformation in OOH advertising and has been presenting creative solutions to serve 2 fields, medical and advertising; this company is SoTech.



SoTech: The Link Between Customers And Brands

SoTech is a B2B and SaaS (Software as a service) company; it was founded in 2019 and launched in 2020. It is making a major transformation in 2 fields, medical and OOH advertising.

The company’s main goal is to transform OOH advertising through software solutions to make it traceable and create a platform that can help brands and marketers promote their products. SoTech is achieving this goal by offering a special management system for hospitals and clinics that can help to improve and organizing this industry.

It is worth mentioning that it is the first media platform that is targeting medical and healthcare clients in Egypt and MEA.



What Does SoTech Offer?

Aside from the new management system, the company is considered to be a link between sellers, and their target audience. So, technically, SoTech is serving more than just 2 fields.

The new system SoTech is providing can help the medical industry and digitalize it. The system will reduce using paperwork as all of the patients’ information and data will be on the new system.



How The New System Help The Medical Field

Instead of dealing with a piece of paper to write down all your information, you will deal with a computer.

The new system will provide a self-service, in other words, you will be checking yourself in by writing your name, number, and age.

When you visit your doctor, your data, which will include your symptoms, your illness, and your medical history will be saved.

The system will also provide an SMS service to remind the visitors of their next visit and required tests.



Providing Customers with Real-Time

The most irritating about visiting clinics are waiting for your turn, this will be facilitated with SoTech.

The company will provide screens with the visitor’s number and the estimated time for them to see the doctor. In other words, if the screen says your turn is in 20 minutes, then you will enter after the estimated time.

The system will also provide real-time data from service lines and locations.



How It Will Help Marketers And Business Owners

The new system won’t just help patients and the medical field, it will also help brands and marketers.

The provided screens in every clinic will help every brand or marketer promote their products. Instead of sitting doing nothing in the clinic, the patient will be watching entertaining content like RSS feed, General info, and Ads.

What a marketer can do to benefit from this system is create an account, set their target audience based on location, specialty, or both, upload their content, and then they will be able to measure their campaign’s performance.

SoTech will also provide a visitor analysis to make it easier for marketers to target their audience.

This will also help doctors knowing the medical history of the patient and their appointments and working hours will be more organized.



SoTech’s Expansion Plan

The company has been making a huge effort to expand in Egypt and the MEA region.

The team behind the company has been doing an extraordinary performance to help to grow the company.

Due to this amazing performance, SoTech has successfully raised $1 million in its latest pre-seed funding round led by Innlife investments and key corporate investor Al Raya Kuwaiti. Its future plan is to exist in all of Egypt’s clinics to help digitalize the medical industry.

So far, the company exists in over 200 hospitals and clinics and has served over 100k patients.



We expect SoTech to help to shape the OOH advertising field and make a digital revolution in the medical field.

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