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SOCIALEYEZ UAE Acquires BSocial Egypt for 10 million EGP

In response to recent global trending to enhance the role of digital media channels and social platforms and to boost all inclusive development, SocialEyez, UAE’s leading digital engagement agency, announced today that the agency has acquired 100% of BSocial, a leading social media and digital marketing agency of Egypt. The acquisition took place at the value of approximately 10 million Egyptian pounds.

BSocial portfolio of success

The BSocial bonanza comes to culminate the outstanding success they achieved giving a landmark gateway to SocialEyez domestic investments in Egypt, a step that perfectly matches UAE’s investment policy in support of Egyptian economy.

This step comes well matched with the UAE plans to reinforce investments and support the Egyptian economy, as well as the outstanding work made by BSocial to become the main gate to Socialeyez’s investments in the local market.

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Ehab Fares, CEO and founder of BSocial Company said “This acquisition represents a very good chance for the Egyptian expertise, to highlight their creativity in the digital industry. This comes at a time when the Egyptian market is witnessing high growth rates in the number of users of social networking platforms. Recent studies and statistics showed that 94% of social media users in Egypt are using Facebook and Whatsapp daily, while 19% use Twitter and 17% use Instagram. ”

It is worth noting that Ehab Fares will act as the CEO of SOCIALEYEZ EGYPT.

For his part, Mr. Fadl El Tarzi; CEO of SOCIALEYEZ, the Digital Services Emarati agency said that, ” The domestic market will have benefit from the global partnerships SOCIALEYEZ has with industry leaders such as Hootsuite and LinkedIn, as well as provide competitive advantages and the transfer of knowledge in the digital field to government authorities in the United Arab Emirates for utilization in the Egyptian market.”

The report generated by the Arab Social Media Influencers Summit in 2015 showed that Egypt, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Palestine, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Morocco are the most 10 Arab countries that use Facebook,  while the top users of Whatsapp are the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the first place, followed by Kuwait, Bahrain, Syria, Lebanon, Sudan and Algeria.

About BSocial

Operating in the Egyptian market since 2009 with 55+ professionals, BSocial is a leading integrated digital services and social media management agency. BSocial provides a wide spectrum of hands-on, creatively-devised services, covering digital business administration and strategy development trusted by a robust clientele of leading brands including General Electric, Mercedes Benz, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, City Stars Cinema, Merck Serono, Warner Bros and 20th Century Fox.

About SocialEyez

Founded in 2010, SocialEyez is a digital engagement agency that has witnessed remarkable business expansion with 120 digital experts. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE, the company has branches in Cairo and Casablanca and is supported by strategic partnerships with world leaders including LinkedIn and Hootsuite. SocialEyez services empower the business of Henkel, UAE’S RTA, Abu Dhabi Airport, Philips, HSBC, Tim Hortons, Mazda, Turkish Airlines and Nine West, among others.

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