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Socialbakers Offers Brands Free Ads Performance Reports!

Want to know how your brand’s advertising campaign is performing on Facebook? Looking for a clear way to measure results? Well, Socialbakers got a solution for you…
Socialbakers are offering a free Audit Report to any brand that advertises on Facebook! Now you can determine which type of content and advertisements perform best for your brand. Not only will advertisers be able to see their most successful ad types, but also the most effective position and popular region, cost per click, click through rates, click per mille, and reach. From that point, you can decide how to allocate your advertising budgets by choosing to create ads that resonated most with customers.
If companies are not optimizing their advertising performance, the fact is that it is costing them time and money. Our Ad Audit feature offers brands a small snapshot of just some of the information that they can get from professional tools, though, of course, there is a much more information that brands should take into account. Socialbakers is pleased to offer this feature and we hope brands will find it useful. – Jan Rezab, Socialbakers CEO
To receive your Ads Performance Report, simply visit , log in via your brand’s Facebook Page, and Socialbakers will generate it for your for free! So, what are you waiting for? Get your customized report today!

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