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Social Media Winner and Loser Inspired by Van Damme and Samy Anan

Facebook, The site has about 1.2 billion users with almost 17M Egyptian users, Some of the success stories and of-course failures have been taking place on Facebook and other Social media Channels , There is still much to be learnt about the extent to which social media marketing can take a businesses or, public figure to win or, lose the competition in digital area.

We know the media landscape is changing,” he said. “We have different media consumption habits today than a couple years ago. So that is why we invest in this cost-efficient way of reaching out to millions of people online

“An effective social strategy requires making an emotional connection with consumers and candidates and generating personality-fueled brands that are connected to the business.”

-Steve Ehrlich, global vice president of client development for TMP Worldwide.

Van Damme Epic Split

Great commercial for Volvo! Internet is buzzing about a new commercial that shows actor Jean-Claude Van Damme appearing to perform a split between two moving Volvo trucks.

Filmed in Spain on a closed-off landing field at sunrise in one take. Directed by Andreas Nilsson, Great advertising shows off desirable qualities. Two trucks driving backwards steady enough to hold someone in a split sells Volvo stability, safety and quality.

Extreme ads get attention. When they boost sales. I think the ROI from this ad campaign is extremely high to be measurable.

The “Epic Split” video is part of a series produced by Volvo Trucks that features daring stunts meant to illustrate innovations in its vehicles. A previous video dubbed “The Ballerina Stunt” filmed two trucks speeding toward a tunnel, with a woman crossing a slack line between them before they hit the tunnel. That video also went viral, getting more than 7 million views.

[blockquote style=”quote” align=”” author=”Anders Vilhelmsson, Volvo Trucks Public Relations Manager”]When Volvo began planning the launch of five new trucks, the creative team adopted a strategy of producing YouTube films that would create attention, and inform and entertain audiences. That would pave the way for future advertising and sales campaigns in local markets. [/blockquote]

With the Van Damme video, Volvo wanted to illustrate the new dynamic steering model in a spectacular way, and reach beyond traditional markets. “We need to target not only truck drivers, but future truck drivers. Young people who are facing a choice of a future career.

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 Samy Anan … No Comment !

Extremely the opposite witnessed for Samy Anan [ex Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Armed Forces] presidential campaign digital activation. The famous picture shared thousands of time with lack of official digital channel for the expected presidential candidate with 100% sarcastic sentiment.


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Samy Anan  become the most famous joke on Facebook this month with almost 6K mentions on Twitter and even a fan page created claiming the Samy Anan campaign was created to teach Photoshop. It seems that Samy Anan lost the election race even before it starts.

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