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Social Media Specialists and Reversed Powers

eing a social media specialist isn’t an easy task as some people would assume & actually not always enjoyable as everything else in life. Simply because we are human, sometimes we are acting like incredibles, but even incredibles got their own shares of their power when it is reversed against them!

There are some of daily life situations we got our power as social media specialist reversed against us! Let us talk for a while about them

Is this a real job?

This is an ever after question that we are always asked. Actually Social media specialist job is one of the jobs that are not unacknowledged in some of Middle East countries. There are a lot of people who look at our jobs as one of the ways to spend our spare time!

Even lurking takes effort:

One of the myths that social media specialists are known by is not minding being online all the time interacting on social networks on behalf of brands, celebrities, corporate or even for expressing themselves, but actually we got bored, we got exhausted, our minds get exhausted from all of the ideas that we read, write, interact & after a while we got filled by flood of words that sometimes doesn’t express anything except noise!

Sometimes we got spiritually exhausted of our work and being most of our times connected! Other times we even got exhausted because of lurking a lot of posts every day on different social networks, profiles, pages,…etc

Social Meida managers sometimes acting like The Incredibles
Social Meida managers sometimes acting like The Incredibles

Social Media Specialist is usually multitasking:

Social media specialist usually do different tasks through his/her day, we need to focus, give them our attention, create something creative, beneficial & increase engagement rate with the target audience of every brand we work on. We really do a hard work bigger than just enjoying being connected on social networks. This multitasking makes us always in a bad need to concentration, serenity & time

 Following up news & social attitude:

We have a daily task of following up different kind of news to know their impact on technology that we work on, brands that we talk on behalf of them on social media, countries we are targeting and people whom we got engaged with them through different brands profiles & pages. This kind of tasks makes us after a while need a long vacation without knowing any kind of news to be able to get back refreshed & able to create new amazing work!

Social interaction tend to be usually written:

After a while of working as social media specialist & after a while of communicating just through written words, you will tend to turn most of your daily interaction to written & digital communication or you will get a state of longing to any kind of communication except written one!

Again we are not machines, we rise, we fall, we connect, disconnect, socially interact & sometimes love solo time & at the end of the day we need our humanity to be appreciated before we turned into robots without our authentic humanitarian powers

Yasmine Youssef

Worked for over 6 years in marketing and social media, where I learned a lot and affected a lot of businesses, industries and millions of fans and followers via various brands' social media strategies and campaigns. Leading and helping social media teams which lead all of us to learn together, grow together and achieve very distinguished results..together! Content creator and brand story telling passionate always pursuing new opportunities to leave distinctive marks on people's minds, hearts, souls and lives!