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After Social Media Pressure: Dubai TV Show [The Queen] Taken Off Air

After the first episode of “The Queen” show aired on Dubai TV. The reaction on social media varied from praising Ahlam’s great confidence and I-don’t-give-a-damn attitude to criticizing.

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This self-indulgent program which celebrates Ahlam’s odd antics and the portrayal of her committed fans as slaves who are willing to do whatever it takes to win her heart and trust.

Ahlam Arrogance

Despite the constant and harsh criticism “The Queen/ Ahlam” receives on Social Media, she simply doesn’t care what people think of her.

“I am not arrogant. I’ve been like this all my life. God gave me the prestige of royals, what can I do. It’s against my will. I love you”

Dubai TV Take “The Queen” Show Off Air

Dubai TV Station has stopped broadcasting the controversial program “The Queen”, about a self-proclaimed queen – UAE singer Ahlam, following a tirade of criticism and angry comments by viewers.

The station stopped airing the show, after viewers reacted indignantly to the behaviors of the artiste and the idea of the program itself.

Due to Twitter buzz with comments about the show, as many tweets attacking the first episode of the program and many questioned ‘Who is Ahlam looking for?’ as the concept of the program is based on the singer searching for her ‘best friend’ among a group of participants, who must endure number of tests as she picks a pal.

The program went off the air following a hash tag [#ذا_كوين], a campaign that prompted the station management to stop airing the program.

Lesson Learned

Don’t Brag: If honesty is the best policy, so is modesty.

Add Value: Be someone others can look up to for your values, principles, and moral code.

Engage with others: Many celebrities have become masters at promoting their brand across social media, To be successful on social media, we have to actively post and interact with other users. This also apply for celebrities.

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