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Social Media Debate: Can You Guess How Many Girls Are in This Picture?

That’s the question that has thousands of social media users guessing after the ‘mind boggling’ photograph was posted to Instagram last week. But it has become something of an optical illusion when people started debating how many girls were posing in the photo.

The image in question was taken in a mirrored room in Conthey, Switzerland. The dresses, we can assure you, are the same. The photo was taken as part of an art Instagram hashtag project. The project, labeled #WHPidentity, encourages users to submit photos that showcase individuality. It has been liked more than 12,800 times since Ms Vergari posted it one week ago.

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It’s possible there are as few as 2 and the rest are reflections. Any minor irregularities between the reflections can be explained by the angle of the camera, the angle of the mirrors with respect to each other, and small distortions caused by camera focus, degredation or slight shading in each successive reflection, or minor bends in the mirrors.

So what do you think… how many girls are in this photo?

Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari had originally posted the photo online as part of an Instagram weekend hashtag project. People have been trying to figure out how many girls are pictured and they just can’t agree, with guesses ranging from two girls all the way up to 12. There’s no word on the answer yet from Vergari, but if you consider the power of mirrors, we think you’ll figure it out.

We actually know the answer. It’s two.

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