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Social Media, a very powerful tool for veiled women!!

Each religion has its own culture and traditions and Muslim women have adapted to the fact that they do not have the right to show any part of their body to the public, neither to wear anything that could attract people’s attention.  Moreover, this is directly related to veiled women since their appearance shows their relatedness to the Islamic religion.

Veiled Women media on Instagram
Veiled Women media on Instagram

That’s why, all over the years, we could not see any veiled figure that promoted her style, knowing that is it more difficult to choose your clothes in this case because you are somehow restricted. This was right, until the internet has become a powerful tool for them to express their style, give tutorials and advices about how the piece could be wearable.

Social media tools have helped veiled women to open their own Instagram pages in order to show people their every day’s outfit along with tutorials about how to wear veils in a fashionable and beautiful way. And sometimes, a photo was complemented with an article on their own blogs to detail the idea. This way has helped them to feel the same way as other women and some of them became fashion icons especially that people are so relying on social media nowadays. Let us take the example of Reef El Zein, an AUB graduate who opened her own account to fulfill her target with easy outfits and help them to make hurry outfits through simple clothes that must be in any girl’s wardrobe. Over 6 months, Reef has had 5586 followers, made a fashion interview and won the first place in a fashion competition.

So who said big dreams can’t reach their limits?

Always find a way to fulfill your dreams. Explore the social media tools and discover how much knowledge and solutions it can provide you with.