Shell gives a marketing lesson in how to create an Egyptianized campaign

While all marketers knows that “Content Is King, But Engagement Is Queen” it seems like the story is the real king of any advertisement campaign.

There is no need to use weak signals when you aim at developing strong marketing ideas. Connecting to your people’s hearts and minds is what keeps brands pushing forward even during the toughest economy riddles.

The impact of cultural differences is often underestimated by marketers, however, it’s paramount for a multinational brand to develop localized story to be communicated to each local market.

Last week, Shell dropped one of its most influential ads we witnessed during 2018 so-far. With zero need to hire mega stars, Shell created a brilliant Advert story to win our hearts and make us explore new dimensions of long-haul driver’s lives.

Simply, they are humans!

Shell’s ad was a compelling and touching story about the men who depend on the engine to make a living, and how his family depend on them. The ad’s message was simple, it is what is inside the engine that counts, and it wasn’t only talking about its oil.

Shell Rimula

اللي مكتوب من بره بيقول كتير عن اللي جوه، واللي جوه مش بس سواق… اللي جوه درجة أولى!#شل_ريميولا #اللى_جوه_درجة_أولى

Posted by Shell on Sunday, May 6, 2018

Shell’s biggest win here is the great ad copy and the idea behind it.

The idea to create a moving tribute to the long-haul drivers that bring necessities and luxuries to our doorsteps, and develop an emotional narrative surrounding their stories, was inspired.

It also reminds us why it is important to connect with our customers more.

Story is King:

At the heart of every great Advert or movie is a great story.

Customer-focused marketing is an integral part of any successful business. And that focus has to be integral to the culture of the business, Shell decided to put its drivers first, and creates an emotional journey to show their lives to others.

With this ad, the brand has connected with its customers in a way that is emotional, memorable and effective.

In the video, Shell humanizes the drivers, and associates the drivers and its oil as “number one.”

The ad copy, and VO, is truly what sells the piece and are an important element to the story’s engaging nature. The video work is great as well, with moving scenes handled with ease and are steady and memorable.

Connect with customers for a successful marketing campaign

Connecting with our customers continues to be one of the most important yet difficult elements we must consider while creating our brand’s communication plan.

– Making your customers feel important and engaging with customers authentically are essential building blocks for building brand loyalty.

Shell does a great job here by making its customers its stars, reminding them that they and their stories are important; engaging them in their language, with their stories, making them matter.

– Brands aren’t only chosen by logic and consideration, but also through the emotional experience they have had with the brand. Connect with your customers, find what makes them happy or interested, and build upon it with a great experience.

Shell’s emotional tribute is a memorable experience for many, and many will reach out for the brand at their next oil change or even next time they fill up their car’s gas tanks.

– Invest in caring. American President Teddy Rosevelt once said, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”Show your customers how much you care through their buyer journey and beyond, by ensuring each step is easy and enjoyable. If you show your brand cares about your customers and have actionable proof, not just saying it, your customers will too.

Let us know what were your thoughts on the ad.

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