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#SheDrives: MENA Brands celebrate new Saudi norm

Today marks a new horizon for women in Saudi Arabia, as the ban on women driving has been lifted, and the first few female drivers are finally on the road.

Women took to the streets as early as midnight, some with flags to celebrate a momentous shift for the conservative country.

One of the most well-known royals, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, enjoyed a midnight drive by his daughter, who of course drove, and his grandchildren. In a video uploaded to his personal twitter, the prince even states “Saudi Arabia has just entered the 21st century.”

It’s a celebratory and history-making moment, one that brands were eager and excited to jump on to show their support.


Coca Cola

Coca Cola has been supporting the ban’s lifting since the announcement, and was one of the first brands to release a full ad supporting the change.

Today, the beverage brand released a shorter version of their original ad to complete their support for the new ability and the challenges that lie ahead.



A lot of car brands stepped up, this simply being one of their most important events of the year as the demand for cars will undoubtedly increase due to a new market audience.

Nissan’s emotional and endearing ad is an insight on a new type of acceptance for Saudi women.


The car manufacturer also joined up with Saudi Najm Insurance Services for another engaging ad to celebrate the change.




Telecom Zain, who famously released some of the most impactful ads of the last two Ramadans, decided to go for a more bright and celebratory mood with a lively musical ad.



Women may not have been able to drive within Saudi Arabia, but that hasn’t stopped Saudi Arabian women from reaching new heights in the international racing scene.

Assel Al Hamad has been racing in tracks across the globe, and Jaguar was there to celebrate and commemorate the ban with her.


Renault Sport F1

Renault gave a Saudi Arabian woman a chance to mark a special day by driving one of their cars ahead of French Grand Prix.


Audi is a favored brand in the KSA, and it is shedding a light on the shift of power as women are finally able to take reigns.

The ad displays not only the change, but also shows what doesn’t change. It’s still the same everyday life, but with a new driver at the front seat.


Taking Charge

The new change will impact all car manufacturers in the country as a new purchasing power will emerge, as women will actively start buying cars for themselves.

It will also be impacting the local demand on gasoline, and maintenance services.

With their biggest users slowly learning to drive and take to the streets on their own, ride sharing company drivers have been showing their dislike, but there is a definite concern for those in the market.

The main question is, how will this, and the rest of the changes slowly happening in the kingdom, influence how marketers in the country advertise and create content.

Only time will tell.

Let us know your thoughts and which brands you enjoyed the most in the comments.

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