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Share a Photo on Social Media, and Toyota Will Donate Car Seats for Kids #BuckleUpForLife

Take a photo showcasing something or someone you love buckled up in the seat of your car, and share it on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag, #BuckleUpForLife.

The social campaign is part of the brand’s partnership with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and runs during Toyotathon, a sales period at the end of the year when nearby dealers combine their marketing and inventory to push cars off the lots. Toyota will promote the campaign with signs inside dealerships and social media posts.

Toyota is also buying ads on Twitter and Facebook that target parents and millennials. Promos geared toward parents will show pictures of kids in car seats, while the millennial-focused ads may show pets or other objects strapped in.

Buckle Up for Life, a collaboration between Toyota and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, is a national program that educates the entire family on critical passenger safety behaviors and provides free child car seats to families in need. Toyota is partnering with Buckle Up for Life and Cincinnati Children’s to celebrate the organization’s 10th anniversary, and we need your help. During Toyotathon, we’re asking drivers to buckle up an important person or thing in their life, take a picture, and share it on Instagram or Twitter. For every photo uploaded, Toyota will donate 10 child car seats. You raise awareness, we help families in need.

All photos go into a moderation queue and require approval before appearing on the campaign site, which may take up to 72 hours. Buckle Up for Life and Toyota reserve the right to reject any photo content deemed inappropriate or inconsistent with the spirit of the campaign. To check to see if your child is properly restrained in their car seat visit

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