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Shah Rukh Khan Invites The World To Visit Dubai in #BeMyGuest Tourism Campaign

Dubai has awed and shocked not just their citizens but, people all over the world with the launch of their newest tourism project #BeMyGuest campaign featuring Shahrukh Khan inviting people to visit his Dubai.

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The inspiring film that elucidate how Shahrukh Khan experience Dubai, “his home away from home”. In a very humbling and friendly setting where the Bollywood star went to experience his favorite activities in Dubai.

By the next 3 minute video, they did not only target Indians, however, they targeted every Shahrukh Khan fan world-wide, and ever adrenaline-junkie, luxury-seeker and beach lover. They showcase the country’s various attributes that will suit everyone’s passion.

Including skydiving and surprising UAE’s citizens, when he just appeared in the plane, then went jogging after that enjoying a friendly beach volleyball match, then he popped up in a mall for some shopping and ended the amazing day at a restaurant which he cocked the meals and delivered them himself to the tables, shocking everyone in the restaurant by his presence. “Inviting people to experience his Dubai” is a great message as it illustrates the strength of the Dubai-Indian bilateral relation.

‘be my guest’ Campaign Theme By KLM

Be My Guest was a quirky online campaign was launched 4 years ago to promote KLM’s new Meet & Seat service. KLM campaign allowed anyone to win the chance to sit next to a famous Dutch celebrity on a real KLM flight by taking part in a virtual conversation with that celebrity, which then got shared on social media.

The online conversations with the six Dutch icons revealed which contestant will be the best travelling companion in terms of shared interests, with these contestants winning a trip with their celebrity match. The campaign garnered a lot of PR and a lot of awards, including a Webby.

The targeted approach based on personal interest was very successful, resulting in over 11 million views and the no. 1 most viewed airline on YouTube. Participants stayed on the campaign site for an average of 3.2 minutes. Research shows that 54.5% of the respondents have an improved image of KLM (from 21.2% in the Dutch home market to 85.4% in Russia). The likeliness to fly KLM in the future (brand preference) increased 31% on average in all markets. Awareness of KLM’s Meet & Seat has increased by 7% on average in all countries, and in the US even over 35%!

Dubai #BeMyGuest Tourism Campaign Strategy:

Dubai superb strategic move of featuring a world-wide sensational in #MyDubai Campaign is just brilliant and don’t get us started on their timing! Dubai just launched their Largest Amusement Park in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent, and World’s largest in-door Amusement Park. It consists of a Bollywood themed park that opened November 17th.

It perfectly align with their vision of being the number one most visited city in the world, doubling their visitors number from 10 million per year to 20 million visitor per year by 2020 and to triple their economic impact.

Research and Collecting Accurate Insights: They looked at data that was available on the internet, as travelers search for Dubai online, however they found inaccurate information at key markets as people were building their perspective of Dubai based on word of mouth or pictures they viewed of the city. They gained insight of how people viewed Dubai, of being bigger and better and that is it, without soul or humane spirit.

The first mission they had was to invite those people who were talking about Dubai to visit it and discover it for themselves. That led to accurate user generated content which delivers the true identity of Dubai, its diverse tastes and experiences.

Governmental Support: Dubai Corporation for Tourism and Commerce Marketing have taken His highness Sheikh Mohammed initiative and started their planning. They created various plans to serve and tackle their visions.

Conversion Visions to Objectives:
They took their visions and turned them to objectives and planned accordingly; “Number One Most Visited In the World” and “Doubling their visitors to 20 million per year” so they are trying to cater to families as they will get more arrival numbers, hence, the amusement parks and resorts.

Another way that will serve their goal is incentivize Four-star and Three-star hotel sector by waiving fees for the first five years which attracted in almost six months, fifty applications for three-star and four-star hotels.

“Tripling Economic Impact”; they thought that by extending the length of visitors stay in Dubai they will tackle this goal, so they worked on offering more activities that attract and fit diverse personalities, from sunny beaches, skydiving to exciting nightlife and nurturing the underground art scenes, from galleries in warehouses to festival events.

Transcending Dubai’s Experience:

Dubai might not have the rich history and artistry architect like a more historical countries like Egypt or Rome, however they didn’t let such thing stop them. They have focused solely on delivering world-class experiences and activities to their travelers, and depending on their UGC. Why stop there when you can take it to the next level?!

We can learn a lot about this great country’s marketing strategy and tactics. Each country has their own edge which they can focus on and deliver their message in their own dazzling way.

It’s worth adding that we are saddened by the very little effort we are doing to enrich our own tourism and staying stuck in our place while other are not only surpassing us, but jumping straight to the future while having unlimited resources and rich history to back us up, and push us further ahead.

About Dubai Parks and Resorts:

Dubai’s Largest Amusement Park in the Middle East and Indian subcontinent, and World’s largest in-doors amusement park. it’s reported to be spread 25 Million square feet and includes three parks and a water park; Hollywood themed park, Bollywood themed park, LEGOLAND and water park LEGOLAND water park.

About Sharukh Khan and his investment in UAE:

Shahrukh Khan is a famous Bollywood actor, who has been credited as the world’s biggest movie star and not only that, he was named among the 50 most powerful people by Newsweek.

Also, Shahrukh Khan has multiple properties in the UAE, as his wife Gauri Khan has a branch of her interior design office there as well, and he just re-launched Shahrukh Khan’s housing project “Royal Estate”, which is worth DH 2.3 Billion, planned to provide affordable housing projects.

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