Sectors And Industries In Egypt That Need More Marketing

Marketing is an essential part of every business and industry, but unfortunately, so far in Egypt, there are some sectors and industries that proper marketing has reached yet, when in fact, if these sectors got proper marketing, they could get the recognition they need and could even provide opportunities to people who work or interested in them.

Marketing an industry that doesn’t have much popularity is actually a new challenge for marketers and could even train their brains to think of more creative ideas.

So, let’s introduce you to some of the industries that we believe need more marketing and attention


Plastic Arts

Did you know that there are many art galleries that launch exhibitions that present many types of art? Unfortunately, because no one markets them, no one knows anything about them except for those who are interested in art.

This type of art along with its artists are only known in their area and among those who work in media but over the years, you barely see a campaign running to promote an exhibition that may include the best Egyptian artists.

For example, over a while ago, there was a General Exhibition for artists in Egypt, which was attended by the minister of culture but no one outside of this field knew about it, even though it was such an important event to attend.

So, Egyptian art does need huge marketing so people can know more about it and so artists can earn the recognition they deserve.


The Medical Sector

The Medical Sector got huge attention when the world suffered from Covid-19 but ever since then, we haven’t seen any type of Marketing to support this sector anymore.

Aside from marketing the medical entities and hospitals; the whole medical sector deserves some marketing to shed light on the effort that the whole health care staff do. For example, some entities can do a monthly report on how many cases they have treated and their top doctors who saved lives.

Also, as some agencies launch campaigns to raise awareness around drug abuse, people need campaigns to raise awareness regarding mental health and mental illness. There are many medical sectors that need marketing and more awareness.


Sports Other Than Football

There are many sports other than football that need more attention.

Football is the only sport that always gets all the attention and all the sponsorship when in fact other sports do need this type of marketing too. We have never come across campaigns that promote a sport other than football, like handball, basketball, or tennis! We only hear about them in the news or when an athlete wins a medal!

The question here is, why aren’t there enough marketing campaigns to shed light on those sports and their athletes’ achievements?


Local Food Brands

We all grew up watching adverts for McDonald’s, Hardee’s, KFC, and more and we still watch them to this moment, but what about the local food brands?

Our local food brands can sometimes be better than the international ones, so they do deserve to be promoted like them and unfortunately, when a local brand tries, it fails as its advert is not on a high level of creativity.

This applies to many local brands, not just the food ones; marketers and marketing agencies need to pay attention to these brands as they can top the international ones. This can actually encourage the idea of encouraging local brands.


Which sector do you think needs more marketing? 

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