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Samsung Respond to Apple iPhone6 with It Doesn't Take a Genius Campaign

Samsung unleashes “It doesn’t take a genius” ad campaign hours after iPhone 6 launch. It has taken Samsung only a day to start bashing Apple with its new ad campaign. The South Korean giant released six new ads with a tagline “It doesn’t take a genius,” taking potshots at the live stream failure, the new iPhones and the Apple Watch too.

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The ads feature two Apple Genius lookalikes who are discussing the launch event and start with taking shots at the live stream, The rest of the ads make fun of the iPhone 6 Plus with its “big” display and lack of multitasking, stylus, and lack of a fast charging mode. The banter doesn’t end there either, and Samsung also takes a dig at the newly-unveiled Apple Watch, making fun of how it needs to be connected to an iPhone.

Samsung wasn’t the only one making fun of Apple either. As Sony, Nokia and HTC used the trending hashtag during the event #AppleLive to feature its own mobile phones.

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