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Samsung Entaleq Initiative Adopts Wanalytics

airo based Wireless Stars, announced today the launch of its latest innovation Wanalytics. Wanalytics provides App developers with detailed graphical analysis on end user behavior, while using their mobile apps. Mobile analytics includes the number of unique users, number of user sessions per day, week or month, number of total App downloads, average user session duration, favorite App features, app areas that need improvement (least active features), geographical access location, user mobile device model and operating system, user age, gender and more. The detailed data can be used as a benchmark for future improvements and updates of any Mobile App, thus maximising ROI.

No sooner Wanalytics was launched, Samsung agreed to adopt it for their Samsung Entaleq Initiative. Entaleq Initiative will gather Egypt’s best mobile application developers. Top developers will be chosen based on a set of criteria determined by Samsung, to ensure entries are original, innovative and uniquely designed. Among the criteria is the set of data analysed by Wanalytics.

Samsung Entaleq Initiative Activities
Samsung Entaleq Initiative Activities

App developers will only need to add a Software Developers Kit (SDK) to their apps, submit the app to Samsung Entaleq Initiative, and start monitoring their app usage performance through a secure web-based dashboard, registering as many Apps as they like to their Wanalytics account.

[blockquote style=”quote” align=”” author=”Dr. Maged Ghoneima, Wireless Stars’ Chief Operating Officer. “]We have identified early on the importance of mobile analytics, and have been developing Wanalytics to serve this particular gap, Arab developers now have a chance to see it in action, and improve their Apps based on the analytical data received from Wanalytics [/blockquote]

Wanalytics is Wireless Stars’ latest edition. Since 2010, the company has released Intafeen, KinzHunt and Amaken, all location-based apps and platforms. Wireless Stars is on the verge of launching its very own Indoor Positioning System called NavInside, which will be a service available to large Government corporations and Brand Marketing professionals using either Web or Mobile.


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