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Has Sahel changed the way we vacation and search?

North Coast, aka Sahel, is the place to be this summer, with businesses migrating there to reach their vacationing customers. Many businesses have altered their marketing strategies from a general summer theme to a more specific “Sahel” Theme.

The question stands, have users’ search behavior changed because of the phenomenon that is Sahel? Yellow Media gives us insight on the most used and popular searches among their users who are enjoying the sun on the North Coast.


Relaxing Users

For users who are in Sahel for some rest and relaxation, they usually search for basic needs and accessibility.

Relaxed users stay put and aren’t one for the hassle of going out, leading to their searches being within the regular day hours (10am – 8pm).

Keywords used by relaxed users are mostly ATM or Bank, as it tends to rank as the highest priority. These users also look for gas stations, pharmacies, supermarkets, spas and gyms.


Adventurous Users

As for users that are more adventurous, search behaviors are a bit different because of their search for the next adrenaline rush.

Search time, which can be anywhere from as early as 8am to 12 midnight, and location seems to be far from their mind as they search for the next activity.

Also with the spike of recreational entertainment popping up everywhere on the North coast, users’ searches are changing to their direction, searching diving centers, safaris, extreme sports, and nightlife.


Foodie Users

With hungry users, they are always on the lookout for new and delicious things to try. As predicted, their searches are mostly based on restaurants, cafes, bakeries and anything food related.

They are also the ones that depend on locations, maps and transportation. As for their time of search, they mostly search before or during a meal time, with the exception of a midnight snack.


Search results, following the Sahel trend, may have altered the users’ behaviors on a minor level, in aspects such as location and search time, but the keywords have not changed dramatically. It appears that basic needs rules over all, but companies making their products and services serve basic needs are ones that have won the Sahel game.

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