Riyad Mahrez Staring Pepsi Algeria CAN 2017 Advert “We Are Algeria”

Riyad Mahrez chose to play for Algeria rather than France, where he was born, in a tribute to his late father.He only made his debut for Algeria in May 2014 a few months after declaring that he wanted to play for the African nation.

Football is such an interesting sport. It makes family members rivals and unit nations. It has the power to bring great sense of disappointment to a complete nation and also, can make countries joyous and on top of the world even when they have no reason to be other their National team won. It is exhilarating.

Watch ➤ Pepsi putting competition aside to support Egyptian National Football Team

We are observing how brands are hammering on the sense of unity as the African Cup of Nations is approaching, by creating heartfelt advertisements to showcase country’s identity, motivating citizens to unite or giving them a sense of nation’s loyalty in cheering on for their nation’s team.

We are enjoying immensely the different tactics brands are using to resonate and leave their mark in this court of football fans including Vodafone Egypt, Coca Cola Egypt and Litopn Egypt.

PepsiCo localizing their strategic approach by getting into the core uniting spirit of football and projecting it into their commercials as an almighty advert’s message.

Algeria’s Identity and persistence are clearly showcased in the advert along with Riyad Mahrez and Algerian’s 40 Million citizens’ power of “Who we are? We are Algeria!” message to the World.

In 48 hours, the advert gained 15K likes and 4.7K shares on Facebook alone and 14K views on their YouTube channel.

Pepsi’s message comes loud and clear in their newest Algeria’s ad featuring Riyad Mahrez, Algeria’s pride and joy, he is their football Superstar, he is the midfielder of Leicester City F. C. It it more than just a motivational advert, it is an international message just days before the African Cup of Nations.

Riyad Mahrez and Pepsi’s Algerian #راكم_شاهدين_علينا Powerful Message:

The African Cup of Nations is a prestigious and extremely competitive tournament, with Algeria’s last win was in 1990 against Nigeria. Pepsi and Algeria are sending a powerful message by featuring Riyad Mahrez as a week ago, he was just crowned CAF African Footballer of the Year. Returning the title to a player from North Africa after 19 years since the Morocco’s Mustafa Jadji in 1998.

In the advert Mahrez is motivating his country’s citizens in Arabic by reminding them and the world that they are the strong will and persistence, the difference of opinions, They are Algeria! Stressing on how they win from the heart and not known for losing.

Algeria's Fawzi Mansouri is pursued by Brazil’s Falcao at Mexico 1986- Image courtesy: FIFA Official Website
Algeria’s Fawzi Mansouri is pursued by Brazil’s Falcao at Mexico 1986- Image courtesy: FIFA Official Website

They are the resilient, they persevere to reach what they aim for. They are the embodiment of sacrifices. Mahrez reminded them of the victorious world cup win of 1982, Algeria in world cup mexico 1986, their win of the African Cup of nations in 1990.

The huge crowd are watching him and cheering after him “We are Algeria” in a heartfelt way that purely evokes goosebumps to whoever watch it, you don’t have to be Algerian to feel their unity and be ready to cheer alongside them. The advert ends with a clear message of their intentions of showing the world who is Algeria and being number one again.

The Reason Why Riyad Mahrez Influences Pepsi’s Advert:

Despite an unsuccessful trial in Scotland when he was 18, Mahrez’s patience eventually paid dividends when he signed for fourth division side Quimper, departing for second division club Le Havre a year later. Leicester, then in the Championship, snapped up Mahrez for £400,000 in 2014, and the rest is history.

Algerian and Leicester forward Riyad Mahrez poses for a photo after being crowned African Footballer of the Year in Abuja, on January 5, 2017. (AFP)
Algerian and Leicester forward Riyad Mahrez poses for a photo after being crowned African Footballer of the Year in Abuja, on January 5, 2017. (AFP)

–  Riyad Mahrez won the African Player of the Year, 2016.
–  Riyad Mahrez is a Premier League winner with 17 goals to his name.
–  He is nominated for the PFA Player of the year
–  He was the seventh of Ballon d’Or.

When he won the African Player of 2016, he sent his award to his family, all Africans as well as Algerians.

PepsiCo is surely giving other brands a run for their money with this World-class level adverts and most importantly the concepts behind them. It is clearly they are not creating adverts for the sake of ads, they are delivering an applaud-worthy message.

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