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Rising Star on Digital Media: Nogoum FM breaks into top 10 Media Facebook pages in Egypt

Nogoum FM successfully changed the behavior of Egyptian youth and brought the attention back to radio stations with set of programs that can capture the interest of almost everyone. They show full understanding to the Egyptians habits and now once you are on a long trip or, stuck in Cairo traffic, your first selection for some entertainment will be Nogoum FM.

The success of Nogoum FM did not stop on the radio level and reflected into the Digital Media. According to Socialbakers, Nogoum FM has been recognized as the top radio station with the biggest engaging online community with 7+ million likes on Facebook. Nogoum FM social media team was able to make a remarkable breakthrough that outdid all radio stations in the Arab region and comes in the second place globally across all radio stations.

Largest Audiance Media Facebook pages in Egypt

Nogoum FM has been empowering its online community since launching their online presence via around-the-clock interactive posts that helped the brand to come to the forefront of all Arabic listeners on Social Media that qualified NogoumFM 100.6 to be the second largest Radio Facebook page globally.

Nogoum FM blends an-all-time favorite social media tactic whereby it engages its audience and generate content that they can share. Not only they’re engaging their current audience and making them a counter part of the Nogoum FM experience but you’re also creating a community of online advocates.

Nogoum FM

One of the biggest challenges for any social media team is to keep up with the volume of online mentions they get, Nogoum FM, based on critics, is one of the best-in-town to moderate, interact and engage their online crowd.

Nogoum FM have been representing a case study of how a brand utilize the Social Media for serving audiances and activate the facebook as a hub of communication and interaction with fans.

Nogoum FM breaks into top 10 Media Facebook pages in Egypt
Top 10 Media Facebook pages in Egypt

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