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Ricky Martin respond to death rumors by a Tweet

The internet is full of information…unfortunately a lot of it is completely inaccurate. People just be making things up, yo! Things go viral quickly, especially when it’s celebrity-oriented. And because everyone loves to be the first to RIP a celeb, no one bothers to check the facts first. What is it with the obsessive celeb RIPing? I have some Facebook friends who literally do it for every remotely famous person who dies. It’s really weird. Here’s a look at 10 celebrities that the internet declared dead…even though they weren’t.

Ricky Martin published to his Twitter followers to an Instagram photo on the Ricky Martin Instagram account that shows a picturesque scene of a beach, letting his followers and fans know that he is not, in fact, dead. As if to verify that he is indeed not dead, the ricky_martin Instagram account also posted another update that actually shows Martin staring off at a sunset four hours ago, with the hashtag “#Sunset in #heaven” to further enforce the news that he is not dead.

Ricky Martin Instagram

Fortunately, fans of Ricky Martin can rest assured that the singer appears alive and well and enjoying a tropical vacation, somewhere that he dubs heaven.

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