Revolutionizing the education scene in Egypt: Repton is coming

Education is fundamental to development and growth. For countries to reap their human factor achievements they need to unleash the potential of the human mind; and there is no better tool for doing so than education. Thus, the key to Egypt’s future is education.

Egypt’s educational system continues to see a large influx of new schools every year, and competition is at an all-time high; in fact, British education systems are noticeably in the lead, with around 125 schools already. Yet an important question to ask is if this competition is fostering enough improvement in the industry?

The industry, like any other industry, will continue to demand progression but will only prosper when top-ranking schools and universities, like Harvard and Cambridge Universities, are introduced to the Egyptian education scene.

Next year, Repton School, the well-known education brand considered an integral part of the UK, which stems from a strong background being founded in 1557, is bringing its knowledge and heritage to Egypt. With an outstanding success story ranking as one of the top schools in the UK, and also having expanded in different countries, with leading branches ranked as the top in UAE in Dubai and Abu Dhabi; the time has come for Repton to hit Egypt.

Although there are quite a few British schools in Egypt already, what distinguishes Repton from the other existing British schools in the market is that, Reptons’ students consistently achieve first class results and are offered places at top British universities such as Cambridge and Oxford Universities. Thus, will definitely revolutionize the education sector in Egypt. Moreover, A Repton education develops lifelong pursuit of learning and a profound intellectual self-confidence, aiming to help grow each student’s “whole person”.  Wholeness of the person in moral, intellectual, social and physical endeavors. Simply, a Repton education is also valid as it is grounded in the real world and prepares its students for it.

Additionally, Repton has achieved the award of being a Microsoft Showcase School. With it, the school is now one of 534 schools worldwide to hold this award. So we can simply say that, Repton’s entrance to the local scene will be a major threat to all existing international schools in the market. Not only that, but it will result in a complete revamp of existing schools systems’ to fight such strong competition.

Furthermore, unlike schools prevalent in the Egyptian market, schools like Repton also aim to discover and develop the sporting and athletic potential within every student alongside the vigorous drive of intellectual endeavor as part of a balanced and challenging co-curriculum. Offering exceptional coaching with outstanding first-class facilities, Reptons’ individualized sporting curriculum targets developing every student’s interest in sports; thus having a positive influence on all ages and abilities. In fact, Repton is recognized as one of the top sporting schools in the UK with a long tradition of sporting excellence at various sports such as Football, Tennis, and Hockey.

Competition has always encouraged development, and Repton’s arrival may finally reap the educational industry’s mandatory transformation.

2019 will mark the year of the new era in Egypt’s education

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