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Reebok hits Cairo streets to prove that “gym is every where”

When we test our physical limitations, we transform our entire lives – physically, mentally, and socially. While the gym is a place people go to put in hard work and to expand their horizons. Reebok launched #GymIsEverywhere campaign in Egypt to expand the definition of gym to limited places.

The campaign launched in Cairo, Egypt featuring Nour Khatab and Norshek Fawzy with outdoor activities and training, including Box Jumps in the iconic Muizz Street, Squat Press at the highest point in the city – Mokattam and Jump Squats on Corniche El Maadi.

#GymIsEverywhere posts. Are you next?

Additionally, participants can add media on Instagram using the hashtag #GymIsEverywhere to be considered as a lifetime membership for a gym that can be everywhere beyond the normal training places.

As part of the #GymIsEverywhere campaign, Reebok MENA is offering a 10% discount voucher which is only valid in Egypt & Lebanon to those who visit The website visitors will also get to experience a live map of their city showcasing Nour Khatab and Norshek Fawzy workout across Cairo. The map will let inspired by new photos uploaded from everyone who will join in #GymIsEverywhere initiative and be able to share their moves to inspire more participants.

Gym Is Everywhere Global Campaign

Reebok has a communication strategy focused on improving the quality of life through physical activity, a concept that was based for the development of this campaign.

With this campaign Reebok proved that in the city there is a ‘Gym everywhere’. Also it obtained a positive response from pedestrians which was reflected in social networks where they shared photos, videos and reviews of the activity.

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