Ramadan 2022: Etisalat Proves To Be A Much Stronger Telecom Brand

This Ramadan we have come across many jingle-based adverts that their songs are standing out and we can see the effort done in producing these jingles. Among all of these jingle-based advertisements, we have spotted a certain one that is very catchy, romantic, and received very positive feedback.

Can you guess what it is?

We’ll give you the answer, it is Etisalat’s new advert. Etisalat released its advert on the second day of Ramadan, unlike other brands that started the race either early or on the very first day.

The advert has been grabbing the attention ever since it was aired for many reasons and we are about to tell you everything.


Etisalat’s Surprising Collaboration

Etisalat decided to tease its fans on the very first day of Ramadan and just aired a teaser of its new advert.

On the second day of Ramadan, the brand released its new advert under the name of “Much Stronger” or “Aqwa b Kteer”.  The brand has surprised us with an unexpected collaboration as it collaborated with the superstar Ahmed Ezz, Carmen Bsaibes, and Aziz Maraka.

The advert presented many characters of Ahmed Ezz and Carmen Bsaibes in a romantic story. If you’re wondering what is the collaboration between Aziz Maraka and Etisalat, then we would love to tell you that the advert’s catchy jingle is in fact composed by Maraka as it is taken from his original song “Ma Fe Menek”, which is a very popular and loved song by him.

Etisalat wanted to deliver a message from the advert that it has always believed it will be the first, just like the characters of Ezz believed they’d always end up with the characters of Carmen Bsaibes.

So, it’s all about believing.


Etisalat: Much Stronger

The competition is always very vicious among the telecom companies as they all aspire to be the strongest; Etisalat has been always improving to be the strongest among them.

The telecom company has been doing an extraordinary effort for its customers as it always provides them with new offers and services; it also celebrated its 15 years by providing gifts for its users when they recharge through My Etisalat application.

So, with everything Etisalat has been doing for its users, it is proving to be a much stronger telecom company than the others.


Skyrocketing Numbers and Trending on YouTube

The advert has gained very positive feedback from the viewers.

Recreating Aziz Maraka’s song is an important factor in gaining all this love as most people have commented on the song; it is one of the reasons why the advert has gained millions of views along with the collaboration with Ezz and Bsaibes.

On YouTube, the advert was trending as it has over 3 million views. As for Facebook, it has over 14 million views, 102K reactions, over 6K comments, and over 6K shares.


We can’t wait for more surprises from Etisalat and their catchy adverts.  

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