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Ramadan 2022: Egypt Post Shares Its Secret for Its Long History of Success

This Ramadan witnessed the release of many adverts; we can frankly say that brands have been doing an extraordinary job with their Ramadan campaigns and many sectors are competing against each other this season.

We noticed that many financial entities have been releasing adverts to promote their services and their successful growth over the years; in fact, there is a vicious competition going on between all of these entities as all of them released impressive adverts.

One of the entities that have participated in this season’s race is Egypt Post; Egypt Post’s new advert has turned heads and got all people talking. Last year, Egypt Post launched a campaign featuring the superstar Mohamed Hamaki, but this time it brought a new collaboration.


Egypt Post: “The Secret”

The brand has released the secret to achieving huge success.

Egypt Post started its Ramadan campaign with a little teaser that revealed the artist it will collaborate with.

On the 30th of March, the official page of the icon Amr Diab had posted an envelope with “The Secret” written on it, and Egypt Post was tagged. As for Egypt Post’s official Facebook page, it posted an image of Diab with “The Secret” written on it.

On the first day of Ramadan, Egypt Post released its campaign under the name “The Secret” featuring one of the biggest icons in Egypt El Hadaba Amr Diab.

It is a smart idea from Egypt Post to choose Amr Diab as he has been achieving tremendous success ever since he started his career! Even people have always wondered about his secret of being this successful and always looking young.


The campaign included 3 copies, including one that promotes the services along with how Egypt Post was able to develop and improve over time.


Highlighting The Successful Journey of Egypt Post

Egypt Post has had a long successful journey that needs to be remembered.

The main goal of the campaign is to highlight the success of Egypt Post as it has been there for more than 150 years and ever since then it has always been improving and developing its services to satisfy its clients as it is serving more than 25 million clients.

Today, Egypt Post has more than 1700 ATM machines all over Egypt and is considered to be one of the financial entities that is covering Egypt with its branches. With this long successful history, we can see clearly why Egypt Post collaborated with Diab.

In fact, Egypt Post has been providing many excellent services that can be a major help to merchants, manufacturers, and e-commerce services. Egypt Post’s services vary from the “Waslha” service (Deliver It), the UGOTBOX service, which enables a person to buy from American websites to the Easy Box service, which facilitates the process of shipping and collecting money.

Egypt Post also launched an application under the name “Yalla” to facilitate daily financial transactions.

Also, this Ramadan, Egypt Post has put a coupon worth 150 L.E when their visa is used.


Egypt Post’s Achievements

Over the years, Egypt Post has achieved huge success and made a lot of tremendous achievements.

Egypt Post has played a vital role in people’s life as it is the main pillar in supporting the country’s plan of development according to its vision for 2030. Egypt Post has launched many services that serve the country’s goals in the areas of financial inclusion and digital transformation; it supported small businesses owners to reach their potential clients and ship their products locally and regionally through high quality and economically shipping services.


Campaign’s Result In Numbers

As we mentioned earlier, the advert was the talk of everyone on social media.

On Facebook, the first copy of the advert has over one million views, the second copy has 1.2 million views on Facebook, and the third copy has 276K views.

It is also worth mentioning that the first advert received 98.71% positive feedback.


To conclude, Egypt Post has proved that it is one of the entities that is able to maintain its success for a very long time and it should be set as one of the best examples of success stories. 

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