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Ramadan 2022: A New Success Story for Banque Misr

Every Ramadan there is always an advert that stands out during the whole month and it is always loved by almost all people. Throughout the years we have noticed that there is a certain brand whose adverts always achieve huge success and huge social virality, this brand is Banque Misr.

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Banque Misr has always been the leader in releasing Ramadan adverts as its adverts always leave a mark and touch people’s hearts; Banque Misr has not released a single advert that didn’t deliver a message and that didn’t have a deep meaning and a goal.

This year, the bank has made changes in its campaign but kept the same spirit and same message of encouraging everyone to be persistent and achieve their goals.


Banque Misr Delivers A Message To Persistent People

Banque Misr’s new advert encourages people to stay persistent and never give up on their dreams.

Banque Misr started the Ramadan race of adverts earlier than the other brands as it released its advert one day before Ramadan starts. The bank collaborated with the superstar Sherine and released a jingle-based advert under the name of “Ya Maafer” or “To The Persistent Person”.

The song is incredible and it delivers a beautiful message just like the rest of the bank’s adverts; it urges people to follow their dreams and believe in themselves as they can do the impossible if they were persistent.


A Surprising Change

As always, we expected Mahmoud El-Essily to be the singer of the advert’s jingle, but we saw a totally different collaboration.

The bank collaborated with Sherine instead of Mahmoud El Essily to sing the song as Essily was to compose it. At first, we wondered if this change could have a slightly negative effect as all people expect to listen to Essily but the complete opposite happened, as everyone loved Sherine.

Sherine’s voice was extremely beautiful and in fact, it helped the bank and the advert to deliver the message, reach people’s hearts and trigger their emotions easily.

In fact, the advert has achieved huge success and number in just one day!


Virality At Its Highest

The advert achieved incredible success in just one day and became one of the most viral adverts.

On the first week of Ramadan, the advert was the top-viewed Ramadan Advert on Facebook & YouTube.

In fact, the advert went viral all over social media platforms and many people expressed their love for it and for the bank itself in the comment section on the bank’s Facebook page. Egypt was not the only country the advert was trending in; Banque Misr’s advert was trending in 12 countries including, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Bahrain, Algeria, and Qatar.


New World Record for Banque Misr

A huge success was achieved in just one day!

The advert so far has 29 million views on Facebook, 217K reactions, 12K comments, and 17K shares. As for YouTube, it has over 24 million views, 26K likes, and over 2K comments. Banque Misr was the first advertiser to reach 3 million views on Facebook and the second leading brand on YouTube on day one.

The advert was the most viewed worldwide on the 3rd of April and the number 1 advert in the world on the 3rd of April as it was number 2 trending on YouTube.

If this isn’t proof that the advert is a huge success, then we don’t know what is!


Banque Misr never fails to surprise us with its incredible numbers and a huge success.

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