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Ramadan 2022: 15 Days of Real Estate Advertising

15 days of Ramadan had passed and the amount of adverts this season is incredible. We have seen many successful adverts becoming number one trending and achieving millions of views.

At the beginning of Ramadan, we presented you with a recap of what happened in the very first 24 hours of Ramadan, and today we are giving you a new recap of the first half of the month.

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Egypt’s real estate sector is one of the most competitive sectors and Real estate developers always used Ramadan season to promote new lifestyles and projects. They can come in many forms, here’s our focused recap so you can keep up with Ramadan’s adverts and controversy.


Nostalgia Marketing By MNHD

Madinet Nasr Housing and Development (MNHD), announced a new brand identity using a nostalgic marketing experience, MNHD theme played on generation gap to represented in another creative advert that will connect you with to your precious childhood moments.

MNHD collaborated with the megastars Simon, Hesham Abbas, Hamid El-Shaeri, Ahmed El-Sakka, Hend Sabry, Abo El-Anwar, and Laila Ahmed Zaher.

We can notice that the nostalgia theme is always so powerful and effective, especially during Ramadan; it is one of the most important factors that can guarantee you virality and can capture the viewers’ hearts, just like the advert did.


Badya by Palm Hills Developments – Delivering Creative Romance

This year, Badya collaborated with the famous director Ali Ali and created 15 mini-series of how every love story begins.

The brand collaborated with Ahmed Malek and presented a number of copies in a storytelling method. Badya released 7 mini-webisodes so far and each one has a different story.

We have to admit that this is probably one of the very creative real estate campaigns, as Badya always makes sure to reflect its creative concept in its adverts.




Madinaty by Talaat Mostafa Group – Back to Normal Ads

The real estate brand collaborated with the megastar Karim Abdelaziz and launched a campaign under the name of Karim’s stories.

The campaign so far has a number of 3 adverts and each one with a different story that tells you the qualities of living in Madinaty and show case the “community” facilities.


The Brooks

The real estate developer, The Brooks collaborated with another megastar, Mohamed Hamaki, and also released a jingle-based advert promoting the exceptional beauty of The Brooks.


Misr Italia Properties – The Italians of Egypt?

Featuring Egyptian and Italian mix, The real estate brand collaborated with the actor Ahmed Ezz and saved a seat with other real estate developers this Ramadan.

The adverts starts with beauty shots from Italy and travel all the way to Egypt to land in different destinations developed by Misr Italia Properties while promising a life inspired by you!


The Unlucky Campaign by Mostakbal City

Mostakbar City is also one of the real estate developers that collaborated with another megastar, Wael Kafoury, and released a jingle-based advert.

Mostakbar City is also one of the real estate developers that collaborated with another megastar, Wael Kafoury, and released a jingle-based advert.

Unfortunately the advert is blocked on YouTube dated 15 April due to copyright claim after hitting more than 2M views but it went back to play normally the next day.

Screenshot from Mostakbal City advert on YouTube dated 15 April 11:20 PM CLT.


Wesal – Typical Real Estate Advert

The new compound is attending Ramadan race for the first time as they  just created its Facebook fan page on created on March 31, 2022 [just 2 days before Ramadan 2022 starts].

Just a typical Real Estate advert to promote a a mesmerizing life as described in the advert copy.


SODIC as a matured brand and market leader, released an advert starring Dhaffer L’Abidine and Saba Mubarak to promote its ready to move units at SODIC East.

The advert is focusing mainly on family atmosphere while revolving around the home key in many shots to stress on what is SODIC is really offering ” ready to move homes”.

Also the luxurious scenes offered in the Advert from the espresso coffee machine to the Tesla car wrap the campaign with a sense for comfortable and expensive lifestyle.



Here’s a reminder of the very cheerful jingle-based advert.

ZED collaborated with the icon Elissa, Tamer Hosny, Yousra, Emad Met’eb, Nelly Karim, Ahmed Dash, Hoda ElMofty, and many more and released a very attention-grabbing advert.


Zahra by Memaar Al Morshedy

Zahra has sparked controversy this Ramadan due to Meryam Faris’ dancing in the advert.

The brand this year collaborated once again with the singer Meryam Faris but instead of having the actor Asser Yassin, it collaborated with the singer Abu and the actor Ahmed Hatem.

After the release of the adverts, people attacked it on social media due to the way Meryam Faris danced as the viewers saw it as inappropriate during the holy month of Ramadan.

This resulted in the brand removing the dancing scenes from the copy that is airing on TV but keeping it on YouTube.

This Ramadan is filled with many adverts and creative campaigns and most of them are jingle-based. Which one is your favorite so far? 

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