Ramadan 2020

Ramadan 2020: Mystery and good deeds explains [Qalby Etma’an] viral phenomenon

Ramadan has always been the time to do good deeds and to help others, and since we are in the time of crisis due to the spread of COVID-19, people have been searching for some positivity to bring them hope.

Today marks the fifth day of the holy month Ramadan and we have been keeping an eye on what is trending all the way from TV shows to adverts.

We have noticed that a TV show called “Qalby Etmaan” or “My Heart is Rest Assured” is gaining popularity and becoming one of the trending TV shows.


What is “Qalby Etmaan”?

Qalby Etmaan is a TV show that first aired on TV on the 13th of May 2018 and it is now on social media platforms. The show’s episode’s duration is around 20 minutes and it airs every Ramadan. This Ramadan marks its third season and in November 2019, they released “Extra Season” which included 8 episodes.

The show revolves around a man named Ghaith who is an Emirati citizen and nicknamed with “Ghaith The Emirati”. Every season, Gaith travels the Arab world, like Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria and more to distribute around 10 million dollars to those who are in need to help them solve their problems.

What distinguishes the show is that Ghaith is a mysterious man, meaning that the show’s viewers don’t know anything about him and not even what he looks like.

The producers of the show are making sure the Ghaith’s identity stays hidden, as there are no photos of him anywhere, not even on social media and no one knows his full name.

In this time of crisis, this type of TV show is exactly what we need to give us hope that we will rise again.


Why Is The Show Trending?

Since the whole world is going through the Coronavirus crisis, people are helping each other and they always seek hope and want to know that people with good hearts still exist, also the holy month of Ramadan is the month of giving and doing good deeds, which all came in favor of the show.

On the 27th of April 2020, Qalby Etmaan was number 3 in search trend on Google search with over 10 thousand searches on Google and around 571,748 of total potential impressions on Twitter.



Since this is the best time to help people. All of this makes a strong contributor to attracting more viewers, especially at this time.

Also, the fact that Ghaith’s identity is hidden is a factor to assure everyone that he is doing it to truly help people, unlike others who brag about helping others.


Mysterious Ghaith [Qalby Etmaan Character] Goes Viral

One of the reasons why the show is going viral is the hidden identity of Ghaith. People are always attracted to mysteries and Ghaith is a big one.

The hidden identity of the Emirati citizen Ghaith is one of the factors that drive people to watch the show and it is one of the reasons behind the huge number of searches due to the curiosity to know who he is.  It is a smart way to always keep the viewer interested.


Did you know that Qalby Etmaan got an online shop where you can buy the famous Ghaith hoodie and olive brown backpack.

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