Ramadan 2020

Ramadan 2020: CocaCola Optimistic Minimal Advert Inspired by Real-Life Stories

Since the holy month of Ramadan is the season of new creative adverts and campaigns, and as the first week is about to end, we have been observing the newly launched campaigns.

Since this time Ramadan came while going through this tough current situation, we were looking for adverts that will express the current human emotions and real-life stories.

One of the campaigns that caught our attention is Coca Cola new campaign advert “Together Until It Pass”; the brand’s new advert has some success factors that distinguish it from other adverts in Ramadan 2020 arena.


Is the glass half empty or half full?

Right at the second week of Ramadan, Coca Cola released its new campaign under the slogan of “Ma3a Ba3d Le7ad Mat3ady” along with the hashtag #النص_المليان or “The Half Full”.

The advert’s VO came with a brilliant narration that tells the story of the society heroes. The visual is minimal and you can see a relevant Coke can, bottle or box associating with every scene.

The campaign is tackling an emotional part of people’s lives these days without mentioning the quarantine or Coronavirus pandemic. Yet, you can find your lifestyle in one of the scenes…

Coke avoided the repeated marketing approach for every Ramadan, which is celebrity marketing. The campaign didn’t feature any celebrities this time as the advert included new style with minimal visuals to serve the campaign’s goal.


Coca Cola Ad dedicated for Heroes

A ‘glass-half-full person’ is an optimist, someone who always thinks that good things will happen.

Everyone has a story to tell. In an emotional simple way, Coca Cola reflected this concept in its new Ramadan 2020 campaign by delivering a number of stories in minimal scenes reflected by branded elements or products.

Everyone can find his/her story reflected in a small part of Coca Cola set of can or even a bottle cover with super creative and well-researched visual metaphor.

The way Coca Cola used minimal style to transcends normal people’s emotions we go through out our current daily routine is a major role in delivering the advert’s message.

Any brand can make something complicated. It takes a genius to make it simple.


Coca Cola Main Optimistic Message

The coronavirus crisis will pass, the commercial made to trigger a positive human emotions because you do not fear the crisis. It Will Pass.

Coca-Cola’s new aims to become the most optimistic brand on social media this Ramadan is reflected in the Video Ad script. You will see hard times and tough situations that happens for you but IT WILL PASS.

No sales Call-To-Action, No promotions, No Ramadan offers… Just sharing a sense of unity and solidarity with people which makes Coca Colas new advert this Ramadan one of the most relevant adverts since it reflects real-life circumstances mixed with ramadan soothing spirit.


Campaign Credits:

Coca Cola Team:

Mostafa Talaat – Head of Marketing Communications
Rana Mandour – Communications Manager
Amir Tawaf – Digital & Media Manager
Malak Mohsen – Activations Manager
Nabil Kouchouk – Marketing Director
Salma Abdelmeguid – Marketing Manager


Mercado McCann – Argentina

Executive Creative Director: Martín Mercado, Nicolás Massimino, Juan Pablo Lufrano.
Chief of production: Agustín Borgognoni.
Client’s services: Fernando Sarni, Angie García Fernandez.
Strategy & Planning: Pilar Echeverría
Photography: Charlie Mainardi.
Editor: Santiago Lemme.
Soundtrack: “Para todos”, de Camilo Iezzi, estudio CCCI.

MO4 Network – Egypt

Account Director: Hussein Abdeltawab
Account Manager: Mahmoud El-Lakkani
Social Media Managers: Noha Mahfouz, Esraa Ataa.
Editor: Hossam Mohamed
Graphic Designer: Ahmed Essam
VO: Youssef El Tohamy

What we are going through made us need to see commercials representing our current life mood and how everything changed. Do you think that Coca Cola nailed it?

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