Ramadan 2020

Ramadan Ads 2020: Who Could Win Advertising Battle of Emotions?

Ramadan is always the perfect time for brands to unleash their creativity to launch impressive campaigns.

Since Ramadan is always about family and communicating with your loved ones as it is always an emotional time where everyone around the world unites, we couldn’t help but notice that some brands always depend on the “emotionality” factor in their adverts. In other words, brands always try to either create an emotional advert or add an element that will trigger your emotions.

The critical situation of COVID-19 that we are all facing has made us all emotional; we are emotional when it comes to the Coronavirus victims, our families that we can’t see, and losing proper communication.

This is an effective element in a campaign because the viewer wants to know that the brand understands what everyone is going through.

We came across several brands that used the emotionality element in its adverts to try to connect with the viewer aside from the idea and the creativity because you might find some irrelevant to the current situation.


Orange’s “That’s Life”

Orange launched its new campaign under the name وحشتنا_اللمة# or “We Miss Our Gatherings”.

In one very emotional advert in collaboration with the famous Emirati singer Hussein Al-Jasmi, Orange tackled how people are communicating virtually and how they miss being together. By the end of the commercial the brand stated that until we are all back together again, it is here to connect us.

The song’s lyrics and Al-Jasmi’s voice created a very emotional song, which created a very emotional advert reflected in several situations. By the end of the advert, you will realize what typically telecom operator is meant to offer you during the Coronavirus era… Simply Orange is here to connect you to your beloved ones.


Vodafone, Mo Salah Challenge, Sherin Voice & More…

Vodafone is one of the brands that depended on the same element in its new advert under the name عزوتنا_ملايين# or “We’re Millions”

Their new advert came in a collaboration with the talented singer Sherin and included many celebrities like Mona Zaki, Amina Khalil, Esaad Youness, Mohamed Henedy, and Mohamed Salah.

Vodafone is tackling the same idea of virtual communication and added a little bit of emotionality in the advert through the connection of Mo Salah and his little daughter Makka, the reunion of Hesham Maged, Ahmed Fahmy, and Chico, and how families are trying to stay together virtually.


Bank Misr and Bahaa Sultan To Keep You Motivated

Bank Mist strikes again with a song that will stay in people’s minds for a while. Under the name of “You’re Exceptional” Bank Misr released its new advert in collaboration with Mahmoud El-Essily and Bahaa Sultan which is the first thing that made people emotional and happy because this is his first song and appearance in a video in a really long time.

The advert showed the efforts made by doctors, nurses, firemen, fathers, and everyone who owns exceptional talents or persistence.


19011 Pharmacies Back To 90’s Nostalgia

19011 Pharmacies released an advert for the very first time under the name of قادرين#. The advert’s main message is that together we can get through the crisis we are facing by hiring the most famous 90’s stars.

The advert came in collaboration with some 90s icons like Hamid Al-Shaery, Hesham Abbas, Mostafa Amar, and Ehab Tawfik. Although the advert’s concept of nostalgia is irrelevant, people’s emotions were triggered by it and many stated that they admired the second Hamid Al-Shaery started singing.

This feels as if brands are all wrestling to see which one will be more emotional. In your opinion, which one triggered your emotions and even made you tear up a little?

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