Ramadan 2020

Ramadan Campaigns 2020: Is It Lack of Creativity or The Coronavirus Effect?

Three days of Ramadan have passed and so far, we can’t deny that we are disappointed. The holy month Ramadan is always known to be the perfect timing for brands to come up with a creative idea to promote itself, and over the years, we have witnessed at least a couple of adverts that were creative or impressive.

This year with brands launching campaigns and releasing new advertisements, we haven’t seen anything that could be labeled as creative and we can’t help but wonder why.

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We can’t deny the fact that the whole world is going through a crisis that didn’t overcome until now. With COVID-19 spreading and affecting every industry and every individual, it will surely have an effect on everything else. However, does it affect creativity?


Is It The Coronavirus or Just a Lack of Creativity?

The spread of COVID-19 has indeed changed every plan the brand had for itself this Ramadan and probably canceled many ideas that couldn’t fit the situation. Yes, the whole world went upside down and timing was not on our side! However, is it really the reason why we can’t even see one creative advert?

New and different circumstances were imposed upon us, but this is where the secret lies, how to benefit from the situation to come out with an idea that is relevant, creative, and serves the purpose.

This is a worldwide crisis, so people from the whole world are going through the same thing; there is no better chance than creating something that will literally relate to everyone around the world.


Ramadan 2020 Marketing: Same Theme and Concept in Every Advert

Since the whole world has gone into quarantine and many people started cooking, started using Tiktok, and talked about how bored they are. We couldn’t help but notice that most of the recent commercials tackled this concept and adverts just shared the same “Quarantine and Tiktok” idea.

Case Study: McDonald’s Fries is The Most Wanted on TikTok During Quarantine

If you watched carefully, you will find out that adverts are either irrelevant or depending on the idea of virtual gatherings and meetings or the use of TikTok and pranks.

We fully understand that this is what is trending these days and what people have been talking about non-stop, but if you looked deeper, this is only a small side of what has been going on for months now.


The COVID-19 Crisis is not Just TikTok and Quarantine

Creatives could have thought beyond how people are spending their quarantine here and beyond the concept of virtual!

You literally have the whole world going through the same thing as a reference, so, you could have benefited from what people are doing in other countries, you could have discussed the role of frontline heroes, or even how everyone is having the same experience at the same exact time.

Obviously, building an idea on what’s trending is so important even if it is clear that others will do the exact same thing.

We have to admit that we expected to see a lot of creativity this time but unfortunately, we were very disappointed.

Shadwa Hamza

Senior Content Creator at Think Marketing Lab