Ramadan 2019: Instagram Launches First-Ever Ramadan Camera Effect

There’s a brand new Instagram story to check out on the social media platform – and this one has been designed with the spirit of Ramadan in mind.

The first ever Instagram Ramadan camera effect is called ‘Lantern’, and it’s been designed to ‘encourage members of the Instagram community to share their Ramadan celebrations and acts of kindness in a fun and creative way’, according to a statement from Instagram.

‘Lantern’ has been designed to encourage members of the Instagramers community and to share their Ramadan celebrations and acts of kindness on Instagram

‘Lantern’ effect adds a dim yellow-orange glowy filter, and features subtle bokeh and crescent shapes inspired by the ornamental arabesque design style. There are three options for the filter; it opens with a traditional crescent design effect filled with shapes. When you tap it, it changes to saying ‘Happy Ramadan’ in English, or tap it again for Arabic Ramadan greetings.

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