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Ramadan 2018: Twitter embraces Ramadan themed content

Social media platforms have changed the way we connect and communicate with people, our beliefs and values. For Ramadan, it has brought Muslim communities closer than ever, especially those who are living in countries with smaller Muslim communities.

Twitter is a platform known for its speed on keeping people up-to-date, and its ability to reach large audiences across the globe in a blink of an eye.

The social platform is using this to help further enrich its users’ Ramadan experience, and engage its audience in one of the most important months of the year.

The platform has reintroduced last year’s custom Ramadan themed emojis, as well as introducing new ones. The emojis or icons will appear when users use particular hashtags in a range of languages.


For the first time ever, Twitter is hosting its first livestreamed show. The social media platform will be collaborating with YallaFeed for the show #HawanahZein, which is sponsored by Unilever.

The show will focus on the happenings around the Arab world throughout Ramadan.



The stream will be live throughout the holy month, on Mondays and Thursdays from 12am to 12:20 am KSA. Its first streamed episode is expected later today.

Continuing its streaming content, Twitter has also collaborated with Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Culture and Information for daily broadcasts of the Holy Mosque Mecca.

Twitter users will be able to watch daily evening prayers at the holy site through Twitter’s streaming service, Periscope, on the Ministry’s Twitter account @MOCI_KSA. The daily broadcasts will be from 8:30 PM to 10:30 PM KSA.

Twitter’s collaborations don’t stop there, the social platform has also partnered up with Arab Lifestyle Publication Layalina to provide Tv-guide-like information to users who DM the profile.

Users can send Direct Messages to @Layalina to get lists of TV channels, shows, and timings, as well as daily recaps of all their favorite shows based on their selection sent to their DMs.


There will also be live celebrity Q&A sessions on Twitter. Users will be able to submit their questions and reactions to the celebrity through a special hashtag that hasn’t been announced yet.

Twitter’s expansion of Ramadan themed content can be attributed to last year’s spike in the platform’s usage during the holy month, with over 118 million Ramadan-related conversations throughout the month. Saudi Arabia recorded an 88% increase in usage last year, along with the UAE’s 18% spike (2016).

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