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Ramadan 2016: UNICEF Egypt launches “calm not harm” campaign

Common encounter in every family, but many parents unfortunately do not handle it well. In UNICEF Egypt Ramadan campaign this year, UNICEF Egypt introduced an alternative parenting methods that will help you raise your children in a manner that protects their physical, mental and emotional well being.

According to UNICEF: Violence is any action or word intended to cause hurt, emotional or physical, to a person, to groups of people, or to oneself. Violence is often directed at a person or people because of their gender, race, sexual orientation, or physical and mental abilities. Violence is using power to control another person through subtle and not so subtle ways.

This campaign is a collaboration between the National Council for Childhood & Motherhood and UNICEF and is supported by the European Union.

Follow the national campaign to protect children through the hashtag ‪#‎CalmNotHarm‬.


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