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Ramadan 2016: Palm Hills CSR Campaign

Nothing is more beautiful than the original & spiritual soul of Egyptians during Ramadan, You can feel it everywhere. Ramadan, a month of spirituality, generosity and a peak time for the brands arena that consider it as Super Bowl extravaganza for the Middle East. Ramadan advertising race have traditionally presented an opportunity for advertisers and consumers to enjoy the most coveted advertising efforts of the year.

While some brands go for massive production ad sets to claim market leadership, consumers feedback show more respect to humble brands that can do some simple but deep action that can really touch their hearts’ and minds.

Palm Hills Approach for Ramadan 2016

The opportunities and benefits for marketing during Ramadan are truly endless. Most of brands rush into the race and take Ramadan as a sprint, few brands take Ramadan as a marathon. But wise brands think twice before investing and chose more extended effect that would last even beyond the holy month!

While brand perception of Palm Hills is one of the most luxurious Real Estate developers in Egypt. Palm Hills Development launched its CSR campaign for Ramadan 2016 that aim to encourage Egyptian spirit to prove that luxury doesn’t go in an opposite direction of respecting the culture and supporting the community.

What is the true essence of Egyptian spirit?

Palm Hills campaign summarize the answer for defining the Egyptian spirit as it highlights insightful situations that reflects deep understanding of the Egyptian culture.

“The Egyptian spirit summarized easily by Pal Hills as; gallantly stepping in to help others with absolute self-denial.”

Palm Hills to Develop Beyond Real Estate Sector

CSR campaigns and cause related marketing is not about being nice, it’s about research, understanding and developing the community with complete understanding to the culture.

While all brands wish to be charmingly attentive during the holy month of Ramadan. The Egyptian spirit campaign by Palm Hills Development is an example all brands should follow.

Offering over 200K jobs to people from all sectors and backgrounds, Palm Hills is shifting the economy sector step by step to a brighter greener future.

Palm Hills Approach for Ramadan 2016 campaign to announce investing in the quality of life for every Egyptian showed complete understanding of the nation current needs and widen the development beyond luxurious compounds to reach Egypt’s most valuable assets.

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