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Ramadan 2016: Labanita – Sawsan and So3ad are BACK!

The world’s oldest brand character is the Michelin Tire Man. In Egypt, Sawsan and So3ad successfully brought Labanita brand to life as an iconic animated character since 2007.

After the eclipse of Labanita’s beloved characters for couple of years, Ramadan 2016 marks Sawsan and So3ad come back with more sense of humor.

In the relaunch campaign of the famous Sawsan and So3ad, The cows keep irritating people to create a dramatic role for a real person to play and delivery brand message that proves that Sawsan and So3ad are just innocent cows only understand things when it comes to dairy products specially yogurt!

Sawsan and So3ad 2016 Digital Approach

It seems like Sawsan and So3ad come back more ready for challenging market on digital media. Sawsan and Souad Ramadan Ads launched exclusively via Facebook (Personal Profile) to be completely separated from Labanita fan page.

This might be a long term plan meant to differentiate Sawsan and So3ad from Labanita products and we can forecast changing  Sawsan and So3ad personal profile into a fan page once they reach 5000 friends.

If our start guess is right, It might open the door for  Sawsan and So3ad to acheive more success on long-term and might transform the character into new format just like M&M candy characters.

M&M Candy Characters
M&M Candy Characters

Brand characters is very efficient tactic when targeting kids. For example, every kid on earth knows who Ronald McDonald is. This makes us wonder if we will see Sawsan and So3ad soon as puppets or may be in carton episodes?! Let us dream big and imagine Sawsan and So3ad in webisodes next Ramadan and may be a mobile game for kids!

Sawsan and So3ad Campaign History

Sawsan and So3ad first introduced in 2007 and it was really great idea back then to position Labanita as premium dairy products manufacturer.

Labanita decided to re-brand the products labels by removing the beloved cows in 2013 and lose the advantage of turning the product into a person.

Since 2013, Labanita products lost one of the communication advantages based on human characteristics; the ability to talk!

Sawsan and So3ad 2016 Campaign Credits

Agency: FP7/CAI
Director: Ali Ali
DOP: Pierre Mouarkech
ECD : Ahmed Hafez Youness
MD: Amr El Kalaawy
Creative Director: Amr El Hadad
Sr copywriter:Abdul-Rahman Abouzeid
Head of production: Heba Radwan
Production team :Inas Nagy, Mahmoud Enayet
Account management: Sondos Effat, Raghda El Maghrabi, Yasmine Tawfik
Planning: Naila Fattouh, Mostafa Hashish
Thank you for helping : Rami Elkerdani, Menna Adli El Kiey, Abdullah Fareed
Youssif ghali
Color grading: Karim Mira
Editor Amr Rabee
Sound : Hosny Ali
Stylist : nada adel

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