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Etisalat Features Mohamed El-Neny as Egypt’s Next Generation Role Model!

Every marketer knows that branding is incredibly important specially during Ramadan– The holy month which also considered Middle East marketing feast, is a seasonal celebration for brands to compete and it enable emotional connection with customers to distinguish your brand amongst a sea of competitors across MENA region.

This Ramadan is totally different for Egyptian telecom advertising arena after Mobinil latest re-branding to be Orange Egypt. Mobinil used to be the only national telecom operator in Egypt. Although Telecom Egypt also owns 44.95% of Vodafone Egypt, But from consumers perspectives, Mobinil used to be known as the only Egyptian Telecom operator.

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This role left a gap for emotional marketing concept this Ramadan and while Mobinil seat left empty, it seems that Etisalat try to get a touch of national theme in the Egyptian market.

Emotional Marketing Approach for Ramadan 2016

We all need inspiration on a day-to-day basis, One of the toughest aspects of building a successful brand is building an emotional connection with consumers.

Our emotions don’t just affect our voices — our voices can also influence our emotional state. Tarek Nour emotional tone of voice forming an emotional connection with Etisalat customers to deliver the emotional branding concept of “Imagine Tomorrow” campaign.

Mohamed El-Neny featured as a successful young Egyptian who can be a role model to inspire Egyptians especially younger people and give an example to be emulated in behavior, commitment, and strive for success.

In the Etisalat Advert, two young Egyptian kids compete in a game of FIFA, when one of the kids decides to play the midfielder in defense. The kids started a discussion of other jobs where Mohamed El-Neny imagined to be super successful at even if it’s not related to football.

El-Neny shown in the advert by innocent children minds as non-stoppable player who can do anything, anywhere skillfully. From flying in basketball field to bouncing the ball in outer-space, he is just fully armed with infinite skills!

Consumers associate with brands they feel reflect their identity and Mohamed El-Neny is really an inspiring example of how to leverage your personal capabilities to get into the career you want and push-up your challenges from local to international standards.

Etisalat is not the first brand to feature El Neny success. Few days before Ramadan starts, Pepsi featured Mohamed El Neny struggle story from El Mahala 1996 to London 2016.

YouTube Advert Removed in less than 24hrs

Although the Facebook copy hit 1,032,901 Views in 1 day. The second advert for Etisalat campaign “Imagine Tomorrow” launched featuring Mohamed El-Neny is set as private on Etisalat official YouTube channel while YouTube policy states that: You can’t replace an old video with a new one and keep the original view count, comments, or ratings.

Original link on YouTube:

Etisalat Misr just removed Mohamed El-Neny Advert on YouTube
Etisalat Misr just removed Mohamed El-Neny Advert on YouTube

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Campaign Credits:

Agency: TNA
Managing Director/ Head of creative: Basel El Deeb
Creative Director: Mostafa Sherif
Associate Creative Director: Sevag Der Serkessian
Senior Copywriter: Ahmed Sherif
copywriters: hossam Adnan, Omar Dawoud, Ragy Baky
Director: Marwan Hamed
DOP: Napoleone Carbotta
Account Directors: Hazem El Saadani & Mahmoud Badr

Production House:
Egypt: TNA , Mahmoud Khattab , Hagar Hesham
London: Film Productions – Rasha Hussein , Ahmed Lotfy
Post Production: Munky – Gary Brown – London
Demo Graphics: Mohamed Abdel Hady
Sound Design: Samuel Isaac
Editor: Ahmed Hafez


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