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PR Bureau: CC Plus launches luxury PR program for ministers and C-Suite executives

Believing that we have the ability to unearth stars in every area, CC Plus introduced the PR Bureau as a vital, luxury PR service offered to a group of handpicked clients.

The Bureau offers full-fledged consultancy service to current and potential chiefs, ministers, presidential candidates and heads of key institutions with ambitions for more.

Lamia Kamel – Managing Director, CC Plus

From how to speak and what to read up all the way to content development, event attendance and speaking opportunities, the bureau vows to improve the image of the candidate and strategically position them in a manner fitting their ambitions and tapping their utmost potential.

We decided to grab a few minutes of Lamia Kamel’s time to get to know more about PR Bureau.

As someone who has been working in the media, both in front of and behind the camera, what inspired you to create the bureau?

My inspiration was social media. It has become a platform giving everyone a voice. Some were eligible to have an influential opinion, others were not. We felt there was a paramount need to look for those who have knowledge, capabilities and ambitions to assume a role of providing the right content. We need content generators, leaders we can relate to, trust and be inspired by.


Could you explain the kind of services that will be offered?

The services include first-rate PR consultancy for potential leaders and those assuming key positions in the corporate, government, arts and sports arenas. Our objective is to build their personal brand.  We will be providing support in leadership preparation, strategy formulation, messaging workshops, coaching and training, content development, media engagement and social media management. We aim to unearth hidden talents and put them in the limelight.

How can public image affect people’s ambitions?

Perception can be reality. We work on both the perception and the reality. There are so many people of high caliber and untapped potential and here comes our role to spot them, help them express themselves and introduce them to the public and stakeholders in a manner that reveals what they are capable of doing. The public does not have the luxury of time to investigate and see what those leaders are able to do. It is our mission to effectively define what needs to be said to raise the personal profile of leaders and help our clients unlock their potential to reach their goals swiftly and methodically.

How would a person know it is time to take a deeper took at themselves, and consider improving themselves through your services?

When they feel that they are ready for the next level. Its not easy. It requires a candid self-assessment. Some questions must be addressed. Have we learnt enough? Are we being fully understood by our stakeholders? Are we ready to assume a greater role?

We can also offer assistance at this point. We have a dedicated team of consultants who would carry out a comprehensive assessment of the leader and come up with recommendations. The messaging workshop helps set the objectives clear. It’s a process that involves many experts, culminating with a conclusion about whether the bureau would be of real help to that particular candidate or not.


Much of your own work, at CC Plus or at the Narrative PR Summit, has focused on changing narratives, whether it is for a person or a country. Why is it important for you to change how things are seen and/or stereotyped?

We have a major role to play as PR experts. We go to work every day doing our thing and growing our business. As the business dynamics are rapidly changing, we need to cement the validity and importance of our role. Unless we are able to make a difference and own narratives while keeping pace with the extensive changes taking place around us, we can’t claim that we are true professionals in such a sensitive and integral field. Our jobs reflect on stories and narrate them. Ifthe proper narrators are absent, we won’t have stories. The bureau is our second attempt to bring narrators to the forefront.


Do you believe that people should be thinking the same way?

I hope that in every field people understand that we have a purpose. We wake up every day thinking of that purpose, it helps us stay motivated and give more.


CEOs, heads of state, and other top-level people are often faced with distrust and even distaste from the public, what do you think is the reason for that?

People don’t sympathize with the elite unless they connect with them. We see people like Bill gates, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and even Mark Zuckerberg investing in their own personal brand to raise the profile of their products. They introduce their own skills, insights and charisma to inspire people to see their vision and buy their products. When they do so, people ultimately buy their products and commercial success prevails. In such a competitive business world, more attention needs to be directed towards personal brands.

How would working with the PR Bureau help change that?

We help develop the leader’s public persona and get the public to engage with them. The bureau aims to make the personal value of the leader drive the success of the company he is leading and the products it offers. The purpose the leader has can drive their company/ institution to new heights.


With the expanding scope of the media, and the public’s high expectations for both companies and their executives, do you believe that executives should be in front of the camera and act as the face of the company more often? Why?

It depends. I believe their content should be exposed in the correct manner. But I don’t think there is a generic answer that applies to all cases. There are so many elements that must be considered before putting anyone in front of the Camera. However, with the right person, sufficient preparation and correct context and timing, exposure can yield very fruitful results.


How do you see the world trending topic of executive transparency? Should heads of state, executives and other top-level officials be more transparent and responsible for their actions?

Without doubt. Mandating transparency is a very good reason to get into the right exercise- like the bureau- and work on the message to support this notion.


For someone starting out on their career with great ambitions, how do you think they should start building how they’re seen and how they should represent themselves?

If you are starting your career, stay away from worrying about your brand because there is none yet. Building a personal brand can be very distracting in the absence of focus and talent. I would focus on the journey of learning, hard work and attaining notable achievements. This will eventually provide the keystone of your brand.


Lastly, what is the most valuable advice you have focused on throughout your PR career that has helped you maintain your own image and reputation?

Professional ethics. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of mediocrity. It’s also very easy thinking you know it all. It’s crucial that one stays a student, a learner, and work hard with the right principles in mind. All of that keeps you grounded.

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