Pepsi x Mo Salah: 94 Seconds Advert Shows The Egyptian King’s Evolution

Pepsi is one of the brands that always launches creative campaigns and adverts. Over the years, Pepsi has always succeeded in releasing attention-grabbing adverts, and most of them –if not all- achieved huge success and became memorable.

This time, Pepsi released another brilliant and creative advert that became the talk of people on all social media platforms and gained their love in a matter of hours.

Let’s see why this advert is such a success.


Let’s Talk About The Advert

Last Thursday, Pepsi released its brand new advert featuring the icon football player Mohamed Salah under the name of ‘Opportunities Don’t Run Out, Always Stay Thirsty’.

This is not the first collaboration between Pepsi and Mo Salah; he was featured in an advert along with Messi and Pogba, but we have to say that this advert is the best.

Pepsi wanted to feature Salah’s speed and decided to tell a small version of his life story in a one-and-a-half-minute-advert. The advert shows Salah as a baby who starts running and as he starts off, the advert shows his different life stages, from being a school student to reaching Cairo and Finally Liverpool. All of that while showing his interest in football since he was just a little boy.

An hour later after the advert was released; many people started sharing it on Facebook.


Stay Thirsty For Opportunities and Focused on Details

There are many factors that made this advert go viral and loved.

The way the advert was implemented deserves an A+; The creative concept that the advert’s idea revolved around is very impressive, the usage of Salah’s life stages and how the brand used his best quality, which is speed to represent his life over the years, is very brilliant.

Also, we can’t miss the tagline ‘Opportunities Don’t Run Out, Always Stay Thirsty’ and how meaningful it is as it represents the brand itself and it represents how a person should always take every chance they get.

The evolution of Mo Salah and the history and evolution of the Pepsi logo

By taking a closer look at the evolution of Mohamed Salah from Cairo, Rome, and Liverpool, your eyes will also recognize the evolution of Pepsi’s logo and how it used to look in the 90s and 2000s.

Since Mohamed Salah was born in 1992, you can spot the old bottle design and old logos of Pepsi in the advert; this showcases his journey over time and place.

Run, Salah, Run!

If you watched the advert, did the scene with the people running with Salah remind you of something?

If you’re a fan of Tom Hanks and Academy-winning movies, then you probably know the famous scene in the iconic movie Forrest Gump where many people were running with Forrest. We believe that this scene in the advert is inspired by Forrest Gump as both were so similar.


If it is true then it’s another smart move from the brand to create a similar scene to grab the attention of more people and it is also another factor for the advert to go viral even more.


Millions And Millions of Views

Another reason for this advert to go viral is Mohamed Salah making headlines in the past few weeks. Salah has been the talk of all social media platforms ever since he made his wife Maggi make her first official public appearance by receiving his Golden Foot trophy on his behalf.

It’s no surprise that the advert has gained millions of views, but we’re here to tell you all the numbers.

In less than 48hrs, on Youtube, the advert attracted over 2 million views and over 4K comments, while on Facebook, it has 1.7 million views, 11K shares, 1.9K comments, and 66K reacts.


We can’t wait to see more collaborations between Pepsi and Mo Salah. Meanwhile, tell us what you think about the advert.

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