Pepsi Ramadan 2013 Film Behind The Scenes

Bringing together Egypt’s iconic Ramadan celebrities, Pepsi teamed up with Chipsy to produce an ad with a message to the Egyptian viewing public – that Ramadan brings families together. By the end of Ramadan, Pepsi decided to unleash the secrets of making its piece of art for Ramadan 2013 campaign and shared most of the intriguing facts behind the work including using the original Boogie & Tamtam puppets .

The Egyptian legend Nelly starred in a seasonal series’ of Ramadan quiz shows, popularly known as “Fawazeer Ramadan” appear in behind the scenes documentary in addition to the VO studio recording by Samier Ghanem for Fatouta and Hala Fakher for Tamtam.

Take a sneak peak behind the scenes of the Pepsi Ramadan 2013 Film:-

Amo Fouad behind the scenes:-

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