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Pepsi and Bey2ollak Smart Move

A smart move by Pepsi integrating a marketing activity with Bey2ollak [Mobile and Internet community for traffic updates] for North Coast lovers who are not sure about the road safety to travel in groups lead by Pepsi van. The initiative shall reinforce Pepsi and By2ollak brands visibility and considered a very creative idea to communicate with youth where Bey2ollak core service is used not just for traffic updates but also as a solution to deliver a kind of security by moving in mass group.

The initiative which offer a solution for Sa7el lovers called : Yalla Sa7el Now, The same theme used for Pepsi summer campaign [Yalla Now] which used also during last Ramadan campaign as Yalla Ramadan.

Pepsi and By2ollak Yalla Sa7el Now
Pepsi and By2ollak Yalla Sa7el Now

The meeting point determined to be Thursday 22 Aug. 2:00 PM CLT in-front of Cairo gates. If you miss El Sa7el and you considered security issues, you better hurry up and join Yalla Sa7el Now horde  🙂

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