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Palm Hills’s HaciendaBay, summer 2016 dedicated to #GoodVibes

While Sahel is becoming a place you need to work hard, become fit or look a certain way to be it, Palm Hills Developments took a different direction with its campaign for summer 2016 titled #GoodVibes.

With Five brilliantly crafted 3D pillar-like pieces of artwork spreading all over the country and online, the idea revolves on how #HaciendaBay being the place to simply be and belong.

See below, the main pillars of the campaign are sports, sanity and relaxation, Night hang-outs and hot spot, the new golf course, fashion and retail (We are seeing some of the greatest brands showcasing and selling at the HaciendaBay and Palm Hills isn’t shy about giving them some marketing love), Delicious Food and Beverage brands and the biggest pillar of all is the Lake Yard, the place that “never sleeps”.

With brands focusing on simply stunning artwork and direct calls to action (buy, find, be, go, etc…) , Palm Hills Developments’ marketing team is merely kicking back with relaxed reminders that consumers will surely find, create and tell themselves and others about how good it feels to be there. No requests, requirements or demands using a subliminal Neuro-Marketing based technique, bringing consumers to a more relaxed, worry-free and definitely hassle-free vacation mood.

Mixing relaxing vibes with party vibes and getting a story going about how a place makes you feel instead about how you should feel at a place is definitely a refreshing take on real estate and travel marketing.

Social Media received some Good Vibes via Hacienda:

What are you selling?

The campaign doesn’t take the typical Real Estate route, listing the amenities, the scenery or linking the place with a certain socio-economical class. Instead, it reminds consumers they are free to chase their own version of “Good Vibes” while shopping, exercising, walking the dogs and of course, partying. Allowing consumers to easily find, create and document how they feel as opposed to how “everyone” should feel subliminally sells an idea of the place to belong.

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