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Paint about to get erased; Microsoft planning Paint program death

In the early years of Microsoft, Bill Gates and company felt the need to add some creative juices to their brand new operating software. Appearing in all versions of Windows OS, Paint has become a staple of the computer world since computers appeared on the scene.

Paint, a simple computer graphics program/application, has been around since Window 1.0, and has been pre-installed in very new version and update since.

Paint was introduced with the first version of Windows, called Windows 1.0 in November 1985. It was originally a licensed version of PC Paintbrush which was made by ZSoft Corporation. Microsoft seems to have finally decided it is time to move on from the classic application.

In a blog post on their up-coming Windows Fall Creator’s Update, Microsoft Paint is stated to be “Deprecated.” Deprecated is explained to be programs or applications that “are not in active development and might be removed in future releases.”

Although the post does state that the list is liable to change, many can’t help but feel paint slipping through their fingers.


The start of the end

Last year, the tech-company released a new version of paint named “Paint 3D” which included support for 3D objects. This app is separate from the original, although it does have a link on Paint’s home tab that sends users to Paint 3D.

Last year, Microsoft unveiled Paint 3D, a new version of the classic software. It is much more advanced, allowing users to create three-dimensional images. With their new blog post, it seems like Microsoft is preparing to get rid of the classic art program.


RIP Paint: Always there for us!

People have expressed disappointment at the news on social media, with many tweeting “RIP” messages. Many have been saddened by the news of Paint’s possible departure from our lives.

Here are some reactions to the news

Paint holds a certain nostalgia with many Windows users despite never really having huge functionality versus other apps such as Adobe’s Photoshop. But the simplicity was perhaps what made it so popular.

Update; all the love and support for Paint saves it!

Due to a massive amount of international outcry at the news, Microsoft announced that Paint won’t be completely gone the very next day.

In their new blog post, the company shared the good news. MS paint may not be pre-installed anymore, but its new home at the Windows store (for free of course) makes it easy for anyone to simply download it.

This goes to show that after 32 years, MS paint fans have enough influence to keep a beloved application from biting the dust.

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