Overcome Creative Blocks: How to Create When You Don’t Feel Creative

Creativity is not a switch that you can simply turn on and off whenever you like. In fact, sometimes you might wish it were because you face situations where you don’t feel creative.

Facing a similar situation might be a tough one if your whole job depends on creativity. You probably suffered from a lack of creativity countless times. This feeling leads you to the road of unproductivity and feeling helpless.

Since we are aware of how hard this situation is, we will list some tips that could help you activate your creativity.


1- Change Your Environment

Being stuck in the same place every day can cause you a lack of creativity. This is why changing scenery is always recommended because it can freshen up the mind.

If you’re working in a company, try changing your office; instead of sitting at your desk, try another place. But if you’re working from home then you have more flexibility to work from any other place.

Try working from a place with a view so every now and then you get to give your mind a little break.

Also, if you’re working on a project remotely that needs all of your creativity, you can try traveling to your favorite place and work from there.


2- Search for Inspiration

Doing some research is also a huge factor in gaining your creativity back. If you’re working on a certain theme that you need ideas for, you can google it.

For example, if you’re about to work on graphic designs or write content for Christmas, you can google this. You will find tons of ideas to get inspired. But you have to know the difference between being inspired and copy. Don’t copy ideas.


3- Seek Your Mentor

Your mentor can be your source of inspiration. In times like these, we always turn to them because they are the expert ones. Your mentor can provide you with ideas or direct you to something you might have been missing due to your sense of lack of creativity.

So, reaching out to your mentor will be a major help.


4- Avoid Distractions

Whenever you’re about to work on something that needs all your focus and creativity, don’t let anything interrupt you.

There was something that I personally do when I’m about to work on a task. Whenever I need to come up with ideas, I take my laptop and notebook and head to the balcony to be all alone. This method really helped me in coming up with ideas and focus on what I’m doing. Get some alone time and avoid any distraction, you’ll find yourself creative again.



5- Open Up Your Mind

Your ideas are not limited! Sometimes when you have a certain theme to follow, your mind ties itself to certain ideas. What you can do is looking for ideas that are not even related to the theme and find a way to relate them to it.

In other words, you can work on a task related to the advertising theme, think of an idea, and then link it to it. For example, if you will write about marketing, you can relate the theme to a movie and write about marketing lessons that you can learn from it.


6- Start Doing Activities Other Than Thinking About Being Creative

Overthinking your lack of creativity will make it worse, so you need to take your mind off of it. You can do any activities to practice your mind. For example, you can doodle in your notebook, use a coloring book, watch some videos, or even take a walk.

This way your mind will disconnect for a while from trying so hard to get ideas. When you get back, you will find it easy to come up with something.


7- Keep Your Notebook Closer

Ideas pop up out of nowhere, so you need to write them down immediately. You can listening to music or even be in bed and suddenly get an idea, write it down. Having a notebook full of ideas will help you a lot whenever you’re having a moment of lack of creativity.


8- Don’t Try So Hard

Don’t squeeze your mind trying to extract ideas; it won’t work this way. In fact, you need to relax and sometimes you even need to stop thinking. Imagine your mind as a machine, forcing it to work will only make it lag but leaving it will make it work.

Give your mind a minute to process what it should do, and step by step, you’ll find it popping up ideas.

Embrace your moment of lack of creativity; consider it as a vacation for your mind to be ordinary.

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