2021 Africa Cup of Nations: Orange Launches Its 3 Creative Ads Prior The Kickoff

2022 has just started in the most creative way; it has been only9 days since the new year has started and we have seen one of the best and creative campaigns. As you know the Africa Cup of Nations will start on the 9th of this month and it is considered as a season for all brands to start launching campaigns.

In fact, one brand has already started the race by launching a very creative and hilarious campaign; this brand is Orange. We have to admit that we love a strong start, it encourages other brands to work even harder and get more creative; it turns into a healthy competition where every brand tries to outsmart the other.

So, let’s begin discussing the very first campaign of 2022.


“Bring Us The 8th

Since Orange is the official sponsor of the Africa Cup of Nations, it was the first brand to launch its campaign.

On the 3rd of January, Orange has launched its very first campaign of the year under the name of “We Want The 8th, Bring It To Us”; the campaign so far includes 3 adverts and they are all hilarious!

The brand has collaborated with football players from the national team, Mahmoud Hamdy El-Wensh, Ahmed Hegazy, and Ahmed Abo El-Fotouh, and presented 3 copies; each copy has the same message but different angle. The 3 adverts are all about people advising the 3 football players to avoid the unhealthy lifestyle to be able to play well in the matches.




3 Different Copies, 1 message

Orange is delivering a message on behalf of all the Egyptians.

Although it is one message and one concept, the situations are different and they are all creative.

The creative team depended on one common wish, which is for our national team to bring home the Africa Cup like they used to back in the days! This is the main message of the whole campaign, encouraging the players to stay healthy so they can play well and win.

One thing people are agreeing on when it comes to football and that is the team needs to play well and not miss easy chances! Tackling this in the advert has made people relate to it; this is why the campaign has been gaining huge attention and gaining the admiration of everyone because it is tackling a topic that everyone has been discussing ever since the FIFA Arab Cup.


Positive Feedback

Viewers have been leaving very positive comments on the adverts.

The very first advert has 2.9 million views, 50K reacts, and 6.9K comments, 3.9K shares, the second one has 2.2 million views, 24K reacts, 2.5 comments, and 1.4K shares, while the third, which was released today has 628K views, 12K reacts, 1.8K comments, and 659 shares.

In a matter of a couple of days, the adverts have been gaining millions of views, so we can imagine the numbers will increase more in the upcoming days.


What do you think about Orange’s new campaign?

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