Orange Egypt: Smart Business Campaign That Literally Brilliant!

Orange Egypt has stepped up its digital marketing campaigns lately, by creating a series of creative video campaign targeting solely professionals and business owners.

We have been noticing the buzz around Orange’s Smart Business promotional videos for the past two weeks, the unique approach they introduced in their videos with a message that says “You do not need for your telecom operator to understand your business jargons, all you need is Orange Smart business that knows how to innovate your business”.

Customer insight is the key used by Orange to knock on business owner’s door:

Smart Business campaign, is an excellent example of shareable content marketing strategy; they targeted certain professions and business owners in a humorous and engaging everyday situations based on gathered insights.

Orange decided to talk the same language: The videos show case a technical jargon and abbreviations, when counted they exceeded the 12 abbreviation, which solidified the language used to talk to business people.

Moreover, it changed the ad from a boring business concept to an inside joke to each of the featured professions.

Attention to small details was the key element on which this campaign was created. They did not only promote their services, they previewed series of 4 videos from PDF to hemoglobin; 4 different professions and customized each ad with the services that Orange; Smart business can offer to every unique business needs.

Orange’s Business Advert Approach Execution:

Orange executed the detail-orientation of the setting, attitude of the cast and script was just insightful, in the accuracy and relevance.

They made sure to get every detail right to connect with the professional persona to send subliminal messages that should connect with the business need for each human who hold an executive title in SME’s. This what marketing campaigns should do, simply connect with people.

Furthermore, the subliminal messages you recognize after getting over the heavy dose of business abbreviation is that the situations the ads are portraying the difficulties we face at the office on daily basis, which delivers a message that means “We understand that your life might be hard enough, so let us help you make it better by introducing various solutions that are not limited to your mobile phone, we make it easy for you to reform your business experience.”

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